My last cycle lasted 4 months... Coulda' been longer...

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Posted by ChuckC ( on May 19, 2001 at 13:28:25:

In Reply to: Warning! Vent ahead (kinda long) posted by Tony S on May 18, 2001 at 23:46:46:

for that, I am thankful. Once a cycle takes hold, other headaches can develop because of what the clusters do to me. If I don't get enough rest, for days on end, I get other types of headaches. If I get clusters, I don't get enough rest for days on end. That, in itself, is the cause of these others, for me. That's the only relationship between the two, for me. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mention this, because I know that effective treatment on the cluster problem will resolve - NOT the other headaches, but - the problems that CAUSE the other headaches. I sure as heck wouldn't call them migraines, though, even if they are.

As for the "junk posts", I have to go along with what others have said in the few months I've been here (in my corner)... and of course, I also have to interject some biased opinion as well... but there is a "family" atmosphere on this board, and the board does have it's hierarchy. You can call it a clique, or what ever you wish, but the structure is there, nonetheless. There are those who police the board, or perhaps act as door keepers, or ushers, and show you your seat, and if one misbehaves, they try (sometimes kindly, sometimes rudely) to escort offenders to the door. There are authority figures here. There are clowns. There are matriarchs, patriarchs, young'uns, jokers, and even those who continually take jabs at the rest of us for some twisted reason(s)[I included non-sufferers/non supporters]I have often heard that if there exists a collection of more than one person somewhere, conflict will emerge, and if more than two gather somewhere, a clique will form, but that's human nature. IF this is a family of sorts, then there's interaction among family members. Furthermore, for many of us there's more to cluster life, than just cluster pain. We laugh, we cry, we (cyber)hug, we fight, we kiss & make up, and life goes on. People are opinionated and once in a while, our preconceived notions about others are shattered, but the important thing is to leave our ego(s) at the door. Nobody says we have to put everything on our plate & eat it. Save some room for dessert!

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