One I think you will all appreciate

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Posted by Paul L. ( on May 22, 2001 at 07:15:00:

Good morning all. I am relatively new to the site, having signed the guestbook last night. Had to cut the sign in when I felt my beast settling in for a visit. We hung for a while, exchanged pleasantries, and then he knocked me out with a left cross to the temple.
Ofcourse in the middle we took a boiling hot shower together, and then immediately went outside to sit on the deck in the cool rain. Another hot shower, a few glasses of cold water tamed him for a bit, however, never to be out done, he came a calling once more.
But here is a good one i think you will all appreciate.
On friday night, due to business calling, i had to drive to the Providence bus station to pick up a piece of equipment i needed for a shoot on Saturday. It was expected to arrive between 9:30pm and 10:00pm. I arrived at 9:45pm and watched 7 busses arrive and leave, all without my equipment. Resigned to not getting the piece, I started home at 12:30am, and ofcourse i can feel my aura kicking in. Realizing I had no more imitrix, but a refill waiting at my local CVS (24hrs), I hightailled it over there.
I walked in, head cocked to one side, (my beast had by this time come to ask me to the dance), I was confronted by the locked plexiglass in the pharmacy section, and a sign that read, "Due to emergency, the pharmacy will be closed until 7:00am saturday morning."
I located the manager and explained in my best slur i was sick and desperately needed my script. I could see it sitting on the shelf..."isnt there anyone you could call?" She looked at me like I was a cast member from "Cookoo's Nest", and said "sorry, you'll have to come back in the morning"
I made it home, (don't ask how, I don't remember") and danced for the next 5 1/2 hours with the worst cluster
i have had in years. Zero sleep, head banging, yelling, all know the drill.
At 6:50am I managed to get back to the pharmacy, and still they weren't sure when someone would be in. It was then i lost it. Toppling a few displays, I broke the plexiglass, climbed back to the pharmacy and took my script off the shelf, hightailing it home to inject.
After 2 doses, (which never kicked in i might add, I went back to CVS with the intention of paying for the script, knowing all along what i had done and what fate awaited me.
Local police got the call and followed me back to CVS.
I apologized, begged, pleaded, and in the end was handcuffed, booked, fingerprinted, (they had to mugshot me later because i couldn't hold my head upright long enough!) and proccessed.
The arresting officer sympathized, having a friend who is a sufferer, and was kind enough to call the pharmacy and convince them to release the script upon me paying for it, even though that was evidence, and should have been held.
My beast stayed with me thoughout this ordeal, (what a good friend!), and finally subsided around 11:00am, just in time for me to go do my shoot. (I own a video production firm) Ofcourse my headaches on rightsided, so my shooting eye wasn't in the greatest of shapes, but i finally got by the job came home and slept for 10 hours far the longest stretch since this cycle has begun.
So much for 24 hour pharmacies!!!!

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