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Posted by stavi ( on May 25, 2001 at 17:08:47:

In Reply to: Open up posted by Gordon on May 25, 2001 at 14:53:09:

>>If Ted has never tried Depakote, how can he be so sarcastic?
-I think Ted answered that one beautifully below.

>>What does I'm still peeking in all the doors you close. It's a compulsive thing. nt mean?
- It was from Donna to Den, not to you. NT means No Text in message. All of Den's messages were NT. Donna probably kept looking anyway. That's my guess. Either way, refering to Den, not you.

>>What does Abot , Castelo, Den,, BobP,Paco and Gordon mean?
- Ever see Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" Routine? Trip was probably referring to the fact that your conversation was just going 'round and 'round. No harm in that.

>>This is from the inner circle.
-Nope, no inner circle.

>>Hallucinogenic use like any other methods may help some and not help others. Others may not even want to try it. Should we all go down the same path only to find out it's the wrong one?
- If I lit my hair on fire and jumped up and down, then would you do a search on shrooms and see that it's been, thus far, the most successful treatment we've found. You're right, it DOESN"T work for anyone, but what does?!?!?!? Everyone may not WANT to try it. They're peragotive, we respect that. But it goes both ways. Why should I try something that I don't want to?

>>There is NO list on this site or other sites that shows successful treatments individuals have had.
- Actually, go to the link on the left that says MEDICATIONS. Then half way down the page, click the "Push this button to see survey result" and baddabang, there's a pretty gosh darn good list.

>>As I said before, if someone finds a cure for them, why would they come back. Individual cures just fall through the cracks. What is left is a regular group that already knows what doesn't work for them. Where are the success stories?
- Ummm, hello? I'm here. I'm pain free. Lots of folks are here who have found something that works for them. LOTS! All you have to do is check in here daily and get to know us. Or ask. Or search. It's all here, and archived for all to read.

Just trying to help here. Ya gotta do the work, use the search, and read. If you step back and stop being quite so defensive, you'll see people aren't trying to beat you up, but make you see that there is more to this site than the message board - and it's worth your while to chek it out.

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