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Posted by Lee T. ( on May 29, 2001 at 12:49:53:

but it is getting harder and harder to read some of the posts here and remain supportive. Sometimes the lack of support for people who are in search of answers is overwhelming. And not only do they not get help, they get berated, snapped at, and, in some instances, publicly executed for asking what they consider to be an innocent question. And heaven forbid they respond in kind and make some statement like "inner circle" that becomes the new catch phrase for those that sit waiting for the opportunity to strike.
When I found this site in November, 2000, during my cycle, it was a godsend! I was able to look through the information here, find help and support and somehow make it through that cycle much easier than I had in the past. Because of that support, I have continued to come back while not in cycle to try to give back some of what was given to me. But, to be honest, I am beginning to agree that there is something wrong with a group of people who become so damn defensive anytime anyone brings up something they don't want to hear. I would ask you all to remember that there are always new people coming here and some are going to ask questions that may have been beaten to death on this site, but, being new, they are asking out of need. I was always taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question if you don't know the answer. Now, there are also people who are going to come here and stir up shit just to be an asshole. Let's a free country! In my opinion, the best thing you can do is ignore them. You're not going to stop them, and you may scare off someone in need with all your negative postings. Those that come here enough can decipher the good from the bullshit.
Anyway, just wanted to get this off my chest. A lot of negative postings lately from many regulars have me questioning my allegiance to this site, and that's not good. I believe it is a wonderful place for information, and can be a wonderful place for support. And that doesn't mean supporting those you agree with and berating those you don't.
Enough said!

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