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Posted by Chet ( on June 05, 2001 at 09:26:54:

That is the post title that seems to be here whenever I
read the board. It happens on all boards.. Most of the time
someone whats others to tell them to stay, others just come back,
some but few stay away. I find this more so on this board than others.

In my warped sense of hummor (humor, sorry Margi) several months ago I
posted an over/under for someones return. Fairly harmless I thought, and still
do.......And yesterday I did the same thing. The response was interesting.

People dashing to August's side to fend of the mean vistitor who (I guess)
questioned her resolve to leave the board. By the way my first over/under post
was not to August. Why would this cause people to attack (Margi, Jonny) ???.
The first post caused no stir on the board at all. You guys really need to lighten
up a little. Many times very personel stuff is posted here and when it is
responded to the poster feels violated. Come on, this is the internet, your talking
to the world. When someone comes here with a 'cure' they are jumped by the
core group. Hell, I can remember years ago I had a cluster stop when I took
my first Vitamin E capsule. If this board had been here I probably would
have told you guys that was the answer we were looking for, now most of us
would agree 'E' is not a cure. On todays board I would be chased off the board
for hawking vitamin E.

Why can't everyone slow down abit and see if the intent of the post was indeed
malicious (sp??) or not. Hell Jonny went from over/under to I'll have your job.
A litle overboard?? I think so....Come on, I think there are very few
posters that come here to hurt anyone. Those that do well I guess their fair
game, but stop just a minute and reread the post and see if they really want to hurt
someone or just have a different way of looking at things than you or
I, or have a sence of humor (sense, Margi) that you don't appreciate.

This may not change any ones mind but just give it a thought, most here support
and alot of good is done. I will contine to read the board because like you I want a cure. I
want to have this monster behind me. (Thanks to several on the board we have
shrooms) which for personel reasons I haven't gone picking.

I'm out...............

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