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Posted by ChildOfLight ( on June 11, 2001 at 12:28:02:

Dearest All,

You know, I do understand all the flaming.. ..I do understand the anger.. and I
totally understand, respect, and admire the way the 'protectors' of this board
Have jumped up with 'sword' in hand.

Now, I want to try and straighten out some beliefs, some very *wrong* beliefs
that a few ?.. all ?.. the majority ?.. of you have about my and/or Rick's intentions.

No one is claiming this is the 'cure all'. No one is claiming you have to believe in any God, or
any sort of deity at all. No one is claiming that you will turn into some whacked out new age
tofu and bean sprout eating individual. No one is claiming you have to give up anything. Or invest
anything... or believe anything.

And...I don't care what you think, no one is asking for any money.

I totally appreciate Chucks post about 'buying more snake oil'..(THANK YOU, for
taking the time to reply like you did) and with that post alone, I see where things
took a dive off into the cesspool. Or at least where I think they did.. there is always
the possibility that some of you guys just have no interest in hearing this,, due to your own
personal beliefs or disbeliefs.. and that is fine. Please, just read with an open mind. Let others read and make their own assumptions.
The fact that we all believe something different, is what makes this world diverse.
I'm not trying to sell you on my beliefs, or trying to get you to change yours.
Open mind. A little respect. A lot less anger. That's all I ask.

Things should have been said differently, that I will totally agree with. However,
please do not question my intentions, nor Rick's, for being here and posting what we have.
As the Creator is my witness, I came here with a heart full of optimism and hope
for you all, and the best of intentions. You can believe this or not, but as I sit here
typing this.. .. these words that somehow seem to be unable to capture all I want to
say... and these words that some will probably misconstrue and warp to suit their
own angry purpose in hurting..because they themselves are hurting.. I sit here with
tears in my eyes at the pure frustrtation I have in trying to find a way to get my point
across. I in no way, mean to hurt anyone.. ever. It goes against my personal beliefs
and capablity as a human, as a memeber of the human family that we all are,
to use your pain.. for my gain. I am horrified at the thought that someone could think
that *I*, was/am capable of doing that. Again, because you don't know me.. I understand
that with all the things that have been posted here before, it is those scars that
make it so you would think that.

I never intended for anyone to 'buy' anything.. this I should have made clear before
posting any links or information. I am more than willing to buy what I can, for who I can.
No $$$ on anyones part is necessary. If you want the stones, to at least *try* another method
(one that worked for at least one CH sufferer).. then email me. I will provide them to you as
soon as I can get them ordered , and Rick will provide you with insight into how they worked
for him.. I will provide the stones, all you have to do is let me know. Those who
aren't comfy doing this in full site of the board,, email me. Again, there is no cost involved..
the only thing being a willingness to think that *maybe* it could work. Stranger
things have happened... :P

Please don't bash Rick for offering the use of them to someone he chose.. he did
this because the anger directed towards this, is easy to take personal and it clouds
the mind of those who hold the anger.
He was looking for someone who he thought could be impartial and open-minded...
the strongest pill in the world won't do anything for you if you convince yourself that it's a
load of shit. His intentions were not to make others feel unworthy or slighted.

So, I leave you with these words..hoping that it has helped soothe over some of the
anger and misrepresentation that occured. Knowing that in some of you, your pain,
anger, and beliefs may be to deep for mere words to touch.

In love*light

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