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Posted by pinksharkmark ( on June 13, 2001 at 14:22:02:

In Reply to: I have no idea of the cost but would be willing posted by Cheryl on June 13, 2001 at 10:57:18:

"Personally I am a pack rat and kinda squench up at the idea of getting rid of info. Who knows it may be beneficial one day!"

Agreed... some of it would. I was referring to this kind of thread (fictional for the point of illustration, but not really exaggerated... see link below) ---

Danny -- "Hey Betty! How ya doing?"

Betty -- "Can't complain, you? Still trying to cope with the kids, you know... LOL... school will be out soon and they'll be making my life a living hell!"

Millie -- "I know exactly what you mean, sis!"

Eddie -- "Hey! Who you calling sis? The politically correct term is 'sister!" (just kidding) :)"

Tommy -- "Whoa! Don't be dissin' my sis you old fart or I'll sic a watchdog on ya ... :)"

Eddie -- "Old fart? I ain't an old fart... you must be thinking of Drummer."

Hector -- "Hey, where is Drummer these days anyway?"

Eddie -- "Dunno."

Liz -- "Dunno either."

Betty -- "Me neither."

Danny -- "I don't think there ever was a Drummer... I think he is just a figment of the inner circle's imagination to scare us all."

Eddie -- "You calling my buddy Drummer a figment?"

Susan -- "MMMMMMM..... figments.... *drooool* Oh, wait a minute, I was thinking of fig newtons!"

Liz -- "Fig newtons! LOL! Good one, sis!"

Eddie -- "Hey, I warned you already not to use that derogatory word ';sis' or I'll have to jump outta your screen and teach you a lesson!"

Danny -- "Whoa, back off, dude! Liz was just fooling around. You got problems with my sis you got problems with me!"

Eddie -- "My apologies... I forgot to include a smiley face so y'all would know I was just kidding around"

Liz -- "That's okay, Danny... I knew that Eddie was just goofing around. He's just a big pussycat at heart! :)"

Eddie -- "Awww... shucks! *Blushing*"

Susan -- "Yeah, Eddie, you're forgiven. How could anyone think you were serious about that?"

.... and so on and so on until the offset post titles in a thread go so far to the right of the page that you need a 21" monitor to see them all without side-scrolling.

Does anyone here -- even the folks that originally posted these messages to begin with -- honestly believe that there is value in archiving them for eternity?

Didn't think so.


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