Thanks,but what about my questions?

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Posted by Mike R ( on June 26, 2001 at 01:13:39:

In Reply to: I think I might be joining the club.... posted by Mike Rebeiro on June 25, 2001 at 23:09:06:

I had read everything on those links to the left as well as info on a dozen other pages about CH,but I havent seen an answer to my question.

Here is my question again:

Assume the average person with CH has the sinus trouble symptoms.
Will this person have these sinus symptoms in between headaches or only during the headaches?

I have the sinus trouble all the time,but only have the headaches on and off during the day. It doesnt seem to need a triggeralthough a trigger almost always causes a whopper unless I get away from it quick enough. I can often sense it coming on if i smell something. I hold my nose,breath as little as I can out of mouth and haul ass out of there!
There are other times,like tonight,when I`ll just lay in my bed and the headaches will come and go with no triggers at all.

After reading the info on this site and others,I have to say that it`s the worst for me at night and lying down makes the headaches more frequent and stronger.
This makes me think even more that it`s just plain sinus since laying down would allow them to fill up and cause the pressure more easily,but this is NOT like any sinus headache I`ve ever had.
I work with a lot of model paints,glues,sawdust and thinners and I`ve has sinus infections before. This recent attack did seem like sinus at first,but the headache from my over my eye to my jaw is certainly not sinus.

I`d be interested to know what that guy with the "phantom CH" does for a living or what kinds of chemicals he was exsposed to before his symptoms acted up.
It sounds a lot like what happened to me. I had no headache at all for a couple weeks,but had all the signs of severe sinusitis.
The headache episodes came into the picture slowly and have peaked in the last week. I hope this is the worst because I`ve been around 9 on the kip scale.

This has to be related to either my quitting smoking,using the patch or from the airbrushing of really nasty paint that I did in the house during the same week I quit smoking.
The coincidence would be too great for it not to have something to do with one or a combination of those things.

Everyone said that quitting smoking would make me feel better than I`ve felt in the last 15 years,But instead of feeling better,i`ve been in utter hell.
I was thinking about smoking again to see if that would make all this go away,but cigarette smoke has become one of the things that trigger these headaches.
I even bought a giant hepa filter to use in my sealed,air conditioned house and i`m still getting the headaches.

I didnt even know about CH untill this afternoon when my girlfriend found it in a big book from the Mayo clinic. Everything they said about it sounds exactly like whats going on with me. I will indeed be seeing a specialist,but I`m not looking forward to it.

Please answer my question above about the sinus symptoms if it applies to you.
Thank you to everyone who offered advice.


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