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Posted by Riccardo ( on June 26, 2001 at 02:18:22:

This will be my 2nd CH Convention.

I am happier than last year. I will meet old and new triends, some I have met last year, some not.

I am happy because it's a very nice thing to meet all you face to face (despite many ugly faces....:-) )

I am happy because I will have my Birthday in Atlanta (3rd of July ..sorry for you, not the 4th...48 years, and still so stupid....)

I am happy for the job change.

I am happy because I will spend the 4th of July with some of you.

I am happy because I am in remission from 3 years.

I am happy because I will keep in my heart all the people that will not be with us in Atlanta.

I am happy because Hub comes at the Convention WITH his wife (surely better than him).

I am happy because the shrooms seems to do a good job with us all.

I am happy because I start my disintoxication from garlic... this means more kisses to you.

I am happy because the only side effect of the disintoxication is to put continuously two fingers in the nose (No,No, not SUE! ).

I am happy because I am still not pissing in my pants (perhaps few times....).

I am happy because this board seems a little more ....nice with some morons and snakeoil vendors (excluding Jonny the boot..strapper).

I am happy because three italians will be at the Convention: Piera, I, half Todd, half Jonny.

I am happy because UELI doesn't cut his beard (I love to kiss hairy beards!...:-) ).

I am happy because Sarah Pahlow is a nice gal, much better than Bob.

I am happy because Dennis is Southern, at least, you Yankees have won the war without having him on the other side.

I am happy because Kip will come with Judy, and without the Rottie.

I am happy because Nancy Collins will give me a Collins (ITA-ENG) dictionary.

I'm happy because Paco, Terry and Jimi (ugly people, indeed!) will come with their wives.

I'm happy because Melissa name is Filtz and not Fizz

I am happy because Elaine is ... a granny, and I am not.

I'm happy to see Julie and his friend.... what name? don't remember.... ah yes DeeJay! That man I don't understand a single word.

And speaking about people I don't understand a word from...I am happy to see again Barbara and her gold armour...:-)

I am happy to see again Bonnie and Warren, hoping in a salary rise this time!

I am happy because Drummer will speak at the dinner and not before. We will be too much drunk to understand...:-)

I'm happy for those I didn't mentioned here, because they are in my heart anyway

I am happy because my English is not improving like the mental age.

I am happy because cocaine do all this, at least the first times...:-)

....I am happy because I am happy .....

Ciao to all you, see you some in Atlanta, some here (some in Heaven could sound good also, but seems a bad wish... :-) )

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