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Posted by Flash ( on June 26, 2001 at 04:20:33:

In Reply to: Drugs to avoid with shrooms posted by Annie on June 25, 2001 at 13:19:37:

Graham from the UK had success without detoxing from verapamil. There have been several others like him, that achieved success without coming off verapamil. However it must be said that the most spectacular results are seen in those who are completely detoxed. Those using verapamil always seem to need more than one doses.

Predisone is not a drug I would mix with anything. They don't call it the "dread pred" for nothing. Predisone is not a dangerous drug... it is an evil drug. Please allow me to differentiate:

Dangerous Drug - commonly and predicatbly causes serious side effects. Doctors resist prescribing it for that reason.

Evil Drug - very occasionally and unpredictably causes serious side effects. Doctors feel complacent about prescribing it.

Methysergide and Ergotamine must NEVER be mixed with hallucinogenic drugs (or each other). Especially LSD. Period.

Note that triptans are never prescribed alongside Methysergide or Ergotamine. This leads s strongly to believe than mixing triptans and hallucinogens is also a no-no. I certainly wouldn't take the risk. Anything you can't mix Methysergide or Ergotamine with, you almost certainly cannot mix a hallucinogen with. Remember that LSD is essentially doctored Ergotamine, and that Methysergide is essentially doctored LSD.

The effects of MAO inhibitors and hallucinogens are well documented.

SSRI's affect serotonin levels. Hallucinogens block serotonin receptors. Doesn't sound like a good mix to me.

Some substances like beta blockers distinctly reduce the effects of recreational drugs (I know this from first hand experience). Mixing the two is a waste of money.

Lithium I'm not sure about. I have seen a manic depressive take LSD (whilst on other medication, specifically the one that makes the tongue go in-and-out), he was fine. Don't know if he was on lithium or not.

The bottom line is stay on verapamil if required but strongly recommend detoxing from triptans, ergot alkaloids, and predisone (purely out of dread).


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