I'm not certain I follow you but this thing is not a relaxation

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Posted by Charlie S ( on June 30, 2001 at 06:20:20:

In Reply to: Probably should have e-mailed this posted by Dave Emond on June 30, 2001 at 04:40:08:

technique. It's an internal circulatory technique. The doc simply held out his arm and asked I could try to make my arm and hand warmer by trying to feel blood flowing from other areas including head. I look at my hands and I can make my left hand very warm in less than a minute. This can work with the legs too. He said will will help the dilated vessel behind our eye contract and ease or end the pain. I relax my jaw and partially close my eyes. NOT to relax but it helps me to believe I "force" blood away from the head. (I'm not sure this is what really happens but it I suspect he had me do this as it is fairly simple) I like to actually start by looking at my shoulder, upper arm, forearm and then hands. It's like not quite flexing muscles. It's like an internal push. I think we can all feel this kind of thing. I'm so used to this that while I'm typing, my left hand is very red and warm. This can be done with legs, and other areas of the body. I suspect that's why some people insist that masturbation is helpful. It takes blood. That's probably why they say we don't think with our heads :-)

Just because whatever area is warmer or redder does not mean that it's time to stop. If you do, this is useless. Until this thing subsides, this rather difficult procedure has to be maintained. It will not always work, but it should more than half the time. Once it does, you'll never not try it as if gives you a chance. When it works, it will be almost startling. After a battle, it will feel almost as though it's being drained away. It will return with the next attack but your chances of success with this will have improved. When this is done immediately, this is when, now and then, it can entirely abort the attack with just a minor twitch. That is what I tried when awake. It worked now and then, but most of the time there was several minutes up to 15 or so of battle. Still, mine went from 30 or 40 minutes to about 15 most of the time.

Again this is not relaxation at all. Not imagery, not TM, or postive thoughts. Depak Chopra has nothing to do with this. It's very physical and anything you do to draw blood to another part of the body should have some effect. Try, legs, arms, hands, abdomen. Some people eat, that always draws blood to the stomach. Exerting muscles takes blood. I found this technique more practical but that's just me. Just think constantly that this is a vascular headache and pretend you are draining your head of blood. It's ridiculous but it helps to think in these simple terms.

Sorry for my delay in answering but I was on the phone for tech support for this effen puter.

Keep trying. When it works, you'll never forget it.

Charlie Strand

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