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Posted by Rachel ( on July 01, 2001 at 20:52:03:

Things I pulled away with from the convention even though I couldn't stay for all of it.
1. First, and probably foremost, will be the love of a father to a son. I will cherish that always in my heart. I get tears even now thinking about it. You had to be there to see and feel it because it is not something I can just tell you.
2. Jonny. I don't have to say anymore. Well...I will say this and I hope Piper doesn't take any offense because I really do mean it all in fun, but...if I was a doctor and I had the "ladies exam room" decorated...Jonny would be the poster on the ceiling!
3. The quiet, comradarie of everyone there. Connection, love, information, friendship - it was all there and I was glad just to enjoy a small part of it.
4. To meet people that you have been writing to and to see their true spirits was a joy!
If I miss someone I am sorry, but I am trying to go through the day in my head.
Judy for her willingness to teach me more and to help me understand some of the "prejudices" (for lack of a better word) that are out there about CH.
Riccardo - MMMMMM! You are so sweet - a true "gentle"man. Always willing to help translate for Piera and her friend (though I have to add that Piera speaks English very well). Always taking pictures!
Elaine - is a workhorse and so nice! I just hope she is not totally exhausted when she finally ends her running around.
Den - There are two Den's and one is a wild, spitfire who just ACHES to stir up trouble. The other is a man who enjoys people and has a heart as big as Texas - which is good 'cause thats where he spreads it around!
Adam = LOVE and I might add...WWF!
Jonny and Piper - Jonny more than willing to participate in all the foolishness and Piper, beautiful, tall, and quiet backing him up! I missed the BIG fight, but I saw the little one where Den kicked Jonny's backside. Of course the story could change any minute!!!!
JimH and wife - Couples who support each other. I saw a lot of that and I think it is encouraging especially after some of the reports we hear about.
Ike - I did not know Ike much at all before this visit, but I have a lot of respect for him and if he ever needed a supporter he would have one here with me.
Ken Hubner - I am so glad I got to meet Ken. Our "words" on the board are nothing now. Ken is a quiet, kind man, who seems to enjoy life very much.
Linda H. - I knew only a little bit before but in listening to her and watching her she has a heart full of love to give to people. She recognizes things in people and brings them out if she can. I thank her for allowing me to be a part of her day.
Bob P and Sarah - Bob G, you are right he IS tall! Bob P helped me understand even more and I found all the discussions very interesting. And Sarah is probably one of theeeee prettiest women I have ever seen. I don't say that lightly or as a fluke - I mean it.
Leesa of "Ken and Leesa" - probably surprised me the most! Leesa is what we would call "A little Spitfire!" and mean that in a good way!!!! Even without sleep I could tell that she is prone to the feisty spirit and I enjoyed meeting her.
Nancy C. - I am so glad I finally got to meet my sister. Nancy and I have joked back and forth and written each other and to get to meet her at last was a joy. She has a very loving spirit and concern for each and every one of you.
I know I am skipping, but I am realizing how long this is getting. I just want you to know that for the few hours I was able to spend with you that you all are wonderful, caring people and I felt blessed to be there.
To all who "watched" the board I can see that you have kept yourselves busy! Charlie was a sweetheart and always will be. Bob G. and Ted...well, I just don't know what to do with you two! I laughed so hard reading about the arm thing. I must have freaked my family out! ALL of you - XOXO

For is good to have my daughter back home and all of us safe and sound under one roof again!
God bless! - Rachel

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