Has anyone experienced an attack like this?

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Posted by Dave Emond ( on July 02, 2001 at 13:51:40:

Hi Gang,
I've had my share of Kip 10's in my day, and once said I believed there could be no such thing as a 10+ CH attack, so I guess I have to stick with that now.
I had a very unusual attack the other night, and am wondering if any of you have had similiar experiences?
I do not sleep much, about 2 to 4 hours a day, probably because I dread waking up. However, I decided I'd try going to sleep earlier (about 2:30 AM). I always sleep sitting up. Anyway, I found myself dreaming, something was wrong, terribly wrong, horribly wrong!
I woke up in a Kip 10, problem was, I had no idea I was in a CH attack, I couldn't at that point even have told you what CH was. I jumped up from the chair, only to slam to the floor. I probably rolled there for 10 minutes or so before I realized or remembered that this was CH. It took me another 5 minutes to go a whole 3 feet to the table where my Imitrex spray sat, and about 15 minutes to open and get it in my nose. Once shot, I felt nothing, I was sure it was a blank!
Every attempt to get up only sent me crashing back to the floor. I couldn't yell out, let alone even speak.
I managed to slither my way across the floor to the oxygen tank, but couldn't get up to reach the mask, and would never had been able to turn the valve anyway. After several attempts, my body gave out and I lay on the floor.
The pain was so different. Instead of the usual stabbing at the temple into the eye and movement around the head, it hit everywhere at once with all its might, never ceasing! I soon felt as if I was in a seizure or convulsion state. I must have laid there for about an hour, my legs apparently where wailing about, for my wife heard me kicking the coffee table. She came out and squeezed the oxygen mask under my face, how she managed that I'll never know. Once the air was flowing I snorted through the opposite nostril of which I had shot up the Imitrex spray, and immediately felt a shot of it go up my nose! Very strange! Within another 15 to 20 minutes I was up and speaking again.
The Imitrex nostril switch was strange enough, but that is not my concern.
I've had 10's before, and been able to get up and move about. The only time I'd be pinned to the floor would be of my own doing. This time, I had absolutely no control over my body. I've always thought, no matter what, if I was alone, and found myself in a situation where I truly needed help, I could get it.
That night, I could not have helped myself. Fortunatley, I did not fall and crack my head open, I always figured had I ever done that, I could take care of myself.
On the one hand, I kind of hope this is not a rare attack. But on the other hand, I hope it is, because I'd hate to think of many people being helpless in severe pain, maybe even injured, with no way of helping themselves.
Have you had attacks like these?

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