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Posted by Elaine ( on July 02, 2001 at 18:22:44:

Convention 2001!
I hope all that went to the convention enjoyed it and hope that the people who did not get to come will start planning now for the next one and all will be able to be there. I want to thank Annmarie Your badges were loved. DJ really liked all of his LOL!
Sonya thanks for the rice bags! DJ really liked all of his LOL!

I think we all learned some things , we all became better friends, and we are all tired, no body got much sleep.

I will try to tell you a little bit about everyone. I hope I did not miss anyone.
Mo and John Gram from the UK were here, two very loveable people. Mo she took right to Lil Jonny. Both Mo and John had some wonderful ideas. Simon you were so right when you said I would fall in love with those two! John has been sick for two days. I saw him this morning and he is still very sick and weak. I hope each of you will have him in your thoughts today.

There was Bob and Sarah ! That’s a couple that were made for each other. I was able to get my hug from Bob that he has promised me for over two years. Sarah was a great supporter and both were wonderful listeners. I am so glad to have met you both! Bob spoke on OUCH and had some great ideas and I am sure will see them through.

Jim and Ruth Jim is a cut up and has a great sence of homor just like in chat. Wonderful man, Ruth is kind of shy type and very very nice. They are just a great couple with lots to offer to everyone who mets them.

Jonny well he is just like he is on the net a great guy, happy and full of fun and laughter. Jonny was the only one with Beer Saturday night. I am not sure that he will be forgiven by the beer drinkers for that one LOL! Jonny always had time to give me a hug and say are you OK. Thanks Jonny your special!

Piper well her smile lights up a room when she walks in beautiful lady, once you met this lady you never forget her. She is a ray of sunshine.

Todd, he did a great job at leading topics about OUCH ! Todd did most all the organizing and he did a wonderful job. Todd made everyone welcome and was the problem solver of the group. He helped get a lady home and managed to get Den and Adam to the airport. Thanks Todd for all the support and hard work.

Leesa and Ken, That’s a couple who are both happy and witty! Leesa a spit fire young and ready to set a fire under us all! Ken he is kind of laid back but all so nice. Leesa is now the membership chairlady.

Bonnie and Waren came all the way from Canidia! Their flight was cancelled and they came a day later than planed. My car will only hold so many people. They had to wait at the airport wile I made two trips to the motel droping people off before they got to ride to the motel. I hope their trip home will be a nicer one.

DJ well we all know DJ he flew stand by. He called me I think 10 times in one day trying to get here. He made it at 11 that night. He called said looks like it will be tomorrow before he gets here, so I get a mixed drink and stat to drink I get a call from him he is on his way. I had to stop drinking and go pick him up ! He is a good natured man except when he can’t get Beer and Jonny won’t answer his door!

Jayne well Jayne is like Piper her smile tells it all! She is a happy person who loves a good time and goes the extra mile to make everyone happy. Jayne is a great lady with so much to offer us all!

Paco and Karan. Well now Paco is married to a very beautiful lady. I would think most any man would be proud to have her at their side. They are a couple that must have been made in heaven cause they were made for each other. Paco is much quiter than in chat He still has that witt about him. The man has a heart as big as the world.

Cher well cher is just lovely , a little shy but she has this smile that makes her face light up and makes everyone around her feel good inside. Everytime I looked at her she was smiling.

JD He doesn’t say much just speaks when he has something to say. He is a great listener with a wonderful personality!

Cheryl and Donald They were wonderful help to me. I did not get to visit with them much but I could not have done with out Cheryls help. Donal got hit a few times and my heart went out to him.

Kip and Judy. Kip is kip he was never in one place long vited room to room and always had a story to tell. Judy we did not get to see her much she was not feeling well but when I did get to see her she was great fun.

Linda Howel, she is a warn and loving person. She does not say much but when she did it was something important. I hope she knows that her company was very much enjoyed. Huging her good bye last night was hard for me.

Mellissa she was great she had a way of making you smile and not even saying a word to you. She has these beautiful eyes that make you feel good all over.

Paula she got lost at the airport I sent my daughter to pick her up they both had OUCH T-Shirts on and missed each other. I felt bad she had to take a cab. She forgave me. She is a very smart lady with a heart the size of texas.

Rachel now she is just one nice lady who knows how to make a person feel like that her for years. I was not abl to spend a lot of time with her and am sorry but enjoyed what time I did.

Georgia, She got there late. She has this kind of soft voice , I would say a voice of a child. She very nice person.

Nancy C she is Nacy there for everyone and everywhere all at one time. The lady never stops. It was always nice to be around her.

Brabara H she is just Mom , always finding things to do and ideas to work on. Thanks for all the help you gave me there Barbara.

Barbara G she brought her sister and children and they had a crowed room but some how made it throught. Barbaba loaned us her expedition to pick Den up in. Thank you ever so much Barbara. Barbara has a way of making people she mets feel special, she brought a smile to my face often.

Judy W she was there with her smile and her encouraging words. Know all the right things to say and when to. She just makes you feel good.

Then there was Pieria and Stella. Well loved talking to them and learned so much from them. They are real ladies with class and so much fun. Stella learned how to eat a lobster last night . We had a great time together. Even tho they spoke very little English I found out that it did not matter we seemed to understand each other and the feelings joy and all was there between us.

Dennis and adam, Oh they were a trip. Den always making everyone laugh , and Adam who could only talk with his eyes made a wonderful impression on us all. Those two are a great team and you can see the love in there eyes for each other. I am glad we got to met Thank you for being there.

Ueli he was the first to get there. I have always called Ulie my wise Owel. That’s what he is. He is just like in chat and on the board, he only speaks when he has something to say. I think your wonderful Ueli.

Mary D she was there, bright eyed and bushed tail. She was on the go the wole time but never looked tired. She a wonderful person. Who has given hope , love and her heart to so many and she has been rewarded for that she is our angle and anyone who mets her knows just what a angle she is. I am blessed to have her as my friend.

Ken Hubner a very very wonderful man . A man that has a big heart and never forgets his friends. He makes you just want to hug him, he is a teddy bear that is always ready to tell you what a great person you are. But Ken is that great person with a heart that won’t stop.

Terry S and his wife Ann. Oh what a nice couple. Terry he is like his post always a nice word and a lesson in all that he says if you listen careful you will find one.

Ick, I was so glad to met him. He and I did not visit long but he was just like in chat and for the short time we talked I knew he had a lot to offer and a lot of hope for all us clusterheads.

Van well you made it and I was glad. You were a special surprise I had missed you and you showing up again on the board and then at the convention just helped make it that much more wonderful for me.

Karla and Ted they are just like their post they were there with arms open and willing to help in any way they could. Thanks guys.

James F he was there for all and helped in getting Den and adam off to the airport for their trip home. Thanks James. He was there with a smile and leanding hand .

Hub and his wife. Hub was there all smiles, doesn’t talk a lot but smiles a lot. He and I only were able to talk off and on for a second or two, but I knew him well any way, he was just like he was on icq and the board. It sure was nice to finally met him

Chuck C he showed up and he was full of sprit. He is just like his post and a very wonderful man.

Riccardio there with hugs and kisses and I could understand him ! He is still here and having a good time I think ! Riccardio is just Riccardio always there for who ever needs him. Always there with a smile a hug and understanding.

The convention was wonderful but not because of anything I did but because all of you showed up and made it great. I saw so much love there, and so much giving. There is something very special about clusterheads and their supporters. I love you guys and Thank You all for making my dream come true! I can rest now and be happy just knowing you all enjoyed it! This was something I wanted to see for two years . I wanted you guys to feel the wonderful feeling that I felt two years ago when I met my first clusters heads at drummers!

Todd a special thanks to you for all the hard work that you did for me!

I hope I did not leave anyone out and I hope I did not miss metting anyone there.

You guys take care I love you all in a very special way thank you all for making me look Good!

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