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Posted by Sailpappy ( on July 03, 2001 at 10:03:52:

My letter might be directed to the wrong department, but I wanted to let someone at Sony Product's know what has happened to me in dealing with Circuit City here in Naples Florida.
In 1999 I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and informed I didn't have long to live, I am a computer user and decided to purchase a digital Camcorder so I could make some Mpeg disk of myself for my children and family in general. I knew of the superior reputation of the Sony line of product and decided to buy the TRV103 cam corder at the local circuit city, I also bought an extended service contract so I could have the Camcorder serviced.
A year passed and I did make and record several disks on the Compaq computer via the Pyro circuit board that I also purchased for this purpose from Circuit City (EE1394 Board) which I was informed I had to have to do this process.
I actually purchased the camera on 5-17-2000 and on 6-11-01 I dropped our ( DRV103 SN#338596U)off for service and cleaning and was issued a reciept with the serial number plainly printed on it, On the 17th I had a Heart Attack while at Breakfast at the local Denny's and had to be hospitalized, on 6-23 they called to tell us to pick up our camera as it had come back from service, My wife went in and picked it up and when she got home ,even before she had ever removed it from the zip top baggie it came back in I could see it was not my camera and upon examining the unit I discovered that it had been heavely scratched and damaged beyond anything I was willing to accept and the serial number didn't match our reciept either the # on this unit was SN#290563.
I called the store and informed them of the mistake and they insisted that this was indeed our camera and that the damage had been done prior to me dropping the unit off to be cleaned, in the mean time, due to the added stress I actually had 2 more Heart Attacks, Their manager "Rodger" something, was very uncooperative and became more and more combative about the camera,
I have treated my camera like a piece of fine Crystal and kept it well protected and in excellent shape and I was just not going to accept this damaged camera with completely different stickers and an enordinament amount of scratches on it as my camera and was preparing to secure an attorney. I happened to remember the young mans name that sold me the camera in the first place. Eddie Guevara and upon looking at the original reciept I found that was also on the reciept.
This Young Man took a great deal of time helping me on picking just the right camera for my purpose while helping me stay within the budget amount I planned on spending. I called and asked if he still worked there and indeed he did, he remimbered my case because of the terminal illness aspect and was very helpfull in getting this matter resolved to a somewhat acceptable outcome, He got them to replace the old camera with a new one-a TRV330 SN#71743.
I think Circuit City's manager was reprehencable in his unwillingness to try to resolve this and caused me a great deal of stress, I just today had the Angioplasty and now am out of danger for the moment, I am still considering filing a lawsuit against them and I think Sony needs to be aware of this action by the Manager
At the same time I think Eddy Guevara deserves some recognition for his efforts on my behalf, I don't know what If anything Sony is willing to do for him,but please consider the circumstnces and the out come, had I died during the battle trying to just get my camera back there might verywell be a lawsuit against the Sony Corp as well as Circuit City.
My home number is 941-649-8290 and I am,,,, or and would appreciate some reply beyond the automated reply that is generated by the e-mail system! Thanks for your help in this matter! John J. Hallahan III

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