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Posted by Jim Hendrix ( on July 05, 2001 at 16:34:40:

Well we got back Sunday and it seemed the whole western part of Kentucky was set on fire while I was gone..been running ever since. Don't they know that I am retiring next week? Geez... Anyway...a few highlights of my weekend. My biggest regret was not getting there Yhursday and staying until Monday. There was not enough time to talk to everyone. I met everyone, but did not get to know everyone as well as I wanted. Here are a few of the neat things that I experienced.
1. I realized just how hard Elaine and Todd worked to get this together. I know it has consumed them all year and we all thank you greatly.
2. I met and talked with D.J. and realized I liked him a lot. Like Den I look at this unasuming man and think his small dream and idea has started something so big and wonderful. My hats off to you D.J. I liked you a lot.
3. I got to talk to Donald quite a bit. I watched him have a cluster. It bothered me much more than I thought it would. Cheryl says you are getting hit very hard right now. If you need to talk some more, you have my email, let me know.
4. I talked in-depth with Ike as he shared his alternative method of treatment, not knowing until later that night, that some were afraid to talk about it when I came into chat, etc. I had a good laugh over that.
5. I watched James hand over his door prize of Imitrix Nasal when he found out that LindaH used it and could not get much of it.
6. I watched Mary watch James's kind offer and then walk over and give him her gift which I thought was the best gift there. A bust of a man having a cluster that JD had sculptured and told him she wanted him to have it.
7. I watched LindaH have a cluster. It came so quickly and was so strong that she was screaming from the bathroom and I watched Todd and Ruth going thru Elaines handbag trying to find her injector as Cher and Elaine stayed with her and took her back to the motel where they saw Jonny and I hear that he picked her up and carried her to her room.
8. I met JD. Such a quiet and kind soul who brought part of his soul to the convention with his drawings and gave them away.
9. I met Van as he flew in on his Harley late Fri. night and sit thru the meeting scribbling notes. I expect he has many good ideas.
10.I met Jonny(some) horny bastard. I would have killed for his hair. I want to have his baby.
11.I met Riccardo. had no clue what he was trying to say. Refused to kiss me. However as we were leaving I reached down and kissed the top of his bald head. (I would have expected the same)Never met a man who liked his mother-in-law more than his mother before. *s*
12.I met Judy. Did you know that she emails most everyone who comes on the guest page. She impressed me greatly.
13. I met my mentor Ueli. Had to listen close to understand but words did not need to be said to understand. Thanks for the Amerge and Ruth thanks you for the chocolate.
14. I got to sit in Paco's fabulous car. He only charged me $5 dollars. A word of caution Paco, just because the speedometer registers 150mph. don't let me catch you coming thru Ky that fast.
15. I met Cher. Such a quiet little thing. I loved her voice. She looks just like little Kathy on Father Knows Best.
16. I met BobP and his absolutly gorgeous wife Sarah. Typical California beautiful couple (great shirt Bob)
17. I met John and Mo. Definetly powers behind the UK OUCH. We both love the Everly Bros. Did you know Mo was a judge?
18. I met Jayne. fell in love, got smacked by Ruth and fell out of love again. Beautiful smile and like Cher I loved your accent.
19. I met Mel. Gorgeous eyes like a cat, Now I know why she had a tatoo of a tiger on her shoulder.
20. The funniest two people there were Nancy and Den. They had everyone cracking up all weekend. Of course you all know that by their posts.
21. Leesa will be great .Ken loves his wife. Terry and his wife are just as nice as they appear. He needs to get off 3rd shift though. It will make an old man of you.
22. I met Kip. I felt I needed to bow or something. Really hated to know he still had clusters. he is older than dirt. I thought that I would grow out of these things.
23. I met Piera *sp* Anyway she kissed me on both cheeks. (face) LOL
Well I am tired and I know I missed about half of the people but there were some that I wanted to get to know better but did not have the oppurtunity. Hopefully in chat or next year.
It was an amazing time for me.
Jim Hendrix

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