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Posted by Dave Emond (Sure not Webster!) ( on July 10, 2001 at 04:31:35:

In Reply to: Dave... posted by Mike (B) on July 10, 2001 at 00:34:02:

Must be working ... I've gone since 11:00PM without an attack! Appreciate all the support.
Wow, that was quite a ride! I think from sometime late last nite until then I may have had maybe up to an hour break inbetween attacks, 6 and up.
Then I saw my post, sheesh! We got to find a way to be able to edit ourselves : ) Course, Annette says that's what I sound like during an attack anyway ;)
I'm almost serious about the bungy cord idea, or some type of straps. I only increase the pain to myself by laying on the floor and wedging myself into an immobile position, but the Beast is playing some strange games with me these days. The complete seizure effects have stopped, but now it's as if he has an "on" and "off" button with which he likes to toy with me. On 3 seconds, off 4, on 5, off 2, and so on ... which turns me into a marionette dancing at the strings of the puppeteer! Can't help fear I'll hurt myself, or even worse ... my wife. I want to run, but where am I going to go? Yeah, me thinks I need a leash!
Hope nobody took my story about Annette sitting on me on the sofa bed as anything more than funny.
It really was, had I been in better shape, it might have made more sense. It was me who was the fool! Shoot, I only weigh a measly 145 lbs and this thing is HEAVY! But, trying to stay put, but in severe pain, I somehow managed to squeeze myself far enough under to lift the bed portion, which fell back down and clamped me in but good ... LOL! Once the attack was over, I was exhausted, Annette was sound asleep (exhausted herself from tending to me all day). What a sight that must have been : )
I've still got one crushed up case with one of them there star wars crusiers in it waiting to blast up the black hole of my nose for tonight.
Dang! It's hard to decide whether to use these pieces of gold or not. Sad thing is, if I do make it through a day without taking both, it kills me to think of someone who didn't have any to make a choice with. Hope we can start finding resolutions to this through OUCH VERY soon.

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