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Posted by Dave Emond ( on July 16, 2001 at 15:01:25:

In Reply to: Title/Art work for Documentary posted by Aki on July 16, 2001 at 09:44:46:

I missed something somewhere on this documentary project. But, have been working on something similiar myself, with no idea as of yet what to do with it.
The project I'm working on is going to take some considerable time, I can't even give you a ballpark figure.
I'm in the stages now of creating an animated look at a CH attack. I'm drawing out the characatures and putting them in a script.
What one would see, is a person with the skin removed from the right side of the face. The Beast himself lurks in the background overseeing his demons at work as they go about causing the symptoms of CH. These are the nasty little shits that run the spikes through our temples, tie our nerves in knots, burrow through our brains like miners, etc.
Once this is all together, I'm going to try to get one of the local computer animation schools to take it on as a project. So we could get rotating views and fine graphics of electrical charges and stuff like that.
I even want to add a mechanical like spider looking thing, that comes down and latches on to the face. It would have claws for feet that rip into the nerves as it crawls about the head, down the cheek and jaw, behind the ear and into the neck, ripping and tearing as it goes.
In the upper right hand corner, I want the face of the victim on screen full time (fully skined) just as if they were a normal person. They would stay there throughout, only you see their face change as the attack went on. The redness, the droopy eye, the tears and runny nose. The smile quickly changing into a person agonized by this torture. Might end up looking like the picture of Dorian Gray!
I haven't yet included or decided if I will, whether or not I'll introduce any medications. I doubt it at the present.
Or whether or not our victim will start banging his head or some other type of diversion tactic.
The Beast will be haunting, the demons are more like little 4 legged mischievious bastards that really enjoy their attacks.
I'm still drawing this all out in charcoal, trying to script something a school could work with.
This is a very time consuming project, just from my end, getting it computer animated ... I'll just have to see. I hope it all works out, I think it'd be a great learning tool. I still wonder how I could get it out to the public though.
How far off is your project end date? I don't even know if this fits what you're doing, but I'm going to go ahead with it anyway.
Let me know,

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