Creatures of Light and Darkness

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Posted by Dragan Horsten ( on July 19, 2001 at 02:49:35:


This is my second posting to CH. My first was a year ago,
in response to (an anomyous mailer) trying to suggest LSD
as a cure for CH.

Breifly, I let him know what I thought of his solution.
This board has been around for a while, and where there's
suffering, there's always someone trying to make it worse.

I have noticed the many (legal) pharamceutical solutions
that keep flowing through this board as well. I myself
(a CH longsufferer) am adverse to experimenting with
brain chemicals, as I am sure many of you are.

Longsuffering is considered to be a spiritual fruit by
the Christian faith. Please bear with me. My girlfriend
just returned from Korea, and yes, she is born again.

She (suggested) that my pain is spiritual in nature. Given
my aversion to neurological treatment, she asked me to
embark on a healing path known as Deliverance. We were
at a cafe at the time. She pulled out a bible and placed
it before me.

My reaction was almost violent. I leapt up
from the table and ran to the mens room, cursing. When I
returned, I politely accepted her gift, but not before
placing it between a couple of magazines. I couldn't
touch it! The couple next to us noticed and remarked that
'its not hot' or something. I called them 'noseyparkers'
and we left.

Deliverance is similar to Excorcism. It is based on
the belief that the natural world is but an image of
the spiritual world. Our natural bodies are but images of
our spirits.

There is a book called 'Flatland' which attempts to
illustrate this by describing a world where everyone and
everthing is two-dimensional, and perfectly happy to be so
until one day a sphere passes through ...

The Christian faith maintains that you are a creature of
light - made in god's image (see above). Any problems that you experience
in the natural world are manifestations of problems in
the spiritual world. The spiritual world also contains
creatures of darkness. This board refers to CH as Demon
and Devil and Beast. I believe you are correct in doing so.

I am new to this (see above!). The spiritual world is
the true reality. There is no problem in the natural
world which cannot be resolved by spiritual means. This
is where Deliverance comes in. The Bible is full of passages
where Christ and his followers 'cast out devils'. It
gives specific instructions on how to do it.

First you have to have faith in the authority of Jesus Christ
in this natural world. He's the boss here, and second only
to God in the true world. That means the demons have to
leave your spirit (and hence your body) if he tells them
to. Ask him to cast them out of you, and they will leave.

Here's the problem I am having: my faith is new to me and
not yet fully established. When it is strong, I feel no
pain. When I waiver, the CH comes crashing back in.

One mistake I found I was making was actually trying to
command the demons to leave on my own authority. This is
arrogant and dangerous. You cannot speak to demons. They
are not interested in anything but hiding from the boss.
That's why they enter you. When you invite the boss in,
the demons vanish instantly. Demons eventually consume
the host out of house and home, if not evicted.

Faith is fed and strengthened by disciplined reading of
the Bible. One more caution: do not engage in this without
mentoring. There are Deliverance sessions going on right
in your community. Seek them out. This is not passive
church going behaviour. And its not a visit to the doctor's
office. It is an acceptance of true reality and its effects
on the natural world. Once you accept it, there is no
turning back. You will be healed, and receive not only
more spiritual fruits, but also spiritual gifts.

Longsuffering is a spiritual fruit, but discernment
of demons in others is a spritual gift.

If you don't believe me, dust off that ancient book of
wisdom, and start reading. You will discover all of this
and much more within minutes of focused search. Or, ask
your born again girlfriend to have a word with her boss
about you. He has permanent positions, and the benefits
are unbeatable.

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