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Posted by Mike B ( on July 19, 2001 at 14:50:32:

In Reply to: Tickertape parade for MikeB posted by Flash on July 19, 2001 at 05:34:36:


- Jesus that was a lot of shrooms you took. Around 4 x the recommended dose.

Actually, since they were only partially dried, I assumed that their weight would be much more than that of dried ones...

- I would not advise increasing that at all. Did you grow them yourself? If not then I agree they may have been 'weak', but it was still a big risk - I'm glad they weren't full strength.

Yeah. Well, I figured that if I was going to do it (After days of suffering in hell with no meds) I was going to try and do it right. From past exp years ago, they were not that strong fortunately). And no, I did not grow them. They were freshly gathered from nature.

- Things will settle down a bit over the next couple of days. That much I can guarantee.

Thanks for the assurance. I am doing better already and I cannot believe it... Hope it continues to be so.

- What we don't know is whether you came down with the heatshield pointing the right way ;)This will become apparent shortly.

I reckon I was pointed the right way coming down man. Though my ass was a bit scorched from the re-entry! LOL

-1) Are you chronic?
No, Episodic...

-2) If not chronic then what point in your episode were you at (beginning/peak/end)?

I think at the peak. My cycles usually last about a month and a half. And it has been about a month or a little less (?) since I started again.

-Getting hit during EVA typically means you are either chronic or at peak cycle.

In all fairness, getting hit during the exp. scared the hell out of me. But it was not that bad pain wise, mostly just self-inflicted worry and doubt. The CH did not ever get past a certain point of pain and I think that is what needs to be said from my point of view on my experience.

-If you choose to dose again, then I really do not suggest increasing the dose, mainly because I am concerned about the magnitude of the last one.

Yep. I agree with you. If I do need to dose again, it will be with the same ones. And they will be dried at that point. So, I will be able to more closely follow the reccomendations of others...

-Whatever you are not permitted to depart for at least 5 days after the last mission, so lets hope the next mission is cancelled before then :)

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Not a problem waiting. Having read of others exp's and the responses, I think that I should wait and see if that did not break the cycle.

Thanks, Michael B

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