ST Update - (1st day with out bad CH's)

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Posted by Mike B ( on July 19, 2001 at 16:28:19:

Hey guys and gals, (Groans around the world:)

All of you who have been subjected to my posts know that I have been having a very hard time of it. I thank you all for the support and advice and encouragment. I may not have made it up to this point without it. I am crying a bit just thinking about this whole ordeal and how much you have all helped me. Thank you all!

Let me say this. If you are not interested in reading about my personal results of using the Shroom Treatment, do not read any post by me marked as an ST Update...

Ok, everyone please realize, I have nothing to gain by talking about the shroom treatment. I was desperate for help and I tried it. This was mostly because I do not have the $'s for typical CH meds. It was a personal choice I made and I am not pushing it on anyone.

In the interests of promoting knowledge about something that may very well help us CH'ers (who choose to try it) I am going to keep updating every once in a while to let you know of my progress. (Don't worry, they won't be anywhere near this long. :)

Treatment taken at 2:15pm on July 18th.
ST Update:

I have received the best birthday gift a man could ask for (Thanks Pinky, Flash, and all of the rest).

I am sitting here posting today and I am feeling almost no CH pain! Hell, I feel almost 'normal' today! Just a few shadows here and there. Hell, I can even type ok now! (Arrrgh)

About 12 hours after the treatment, I went to sleep and slept soundly for 7 hours or so. Also, I did not wake with a CH when I got up. I also do not have anything other than a minor twinge or two at the moment. Just vague aching. Manageable (so far) HA's.

Keep in mind that I am an episodic CH'r and it has only been slightly more than 24 hours since I tried it. However, I am convinced by my own admittedly too small exp. that it does DO SOMETHING for the CH's. I am taking NO meds right now and this is the first time in about 3-4 weeks that I have gone this long without hitting an 8,9 or 10 on the Kip scale.

I was getting hit hard with heaps of 9 and 10's, getting no sleep and had lost one job and had to take a leave of absence from my new one. I have been seriously suffering and was at the end of my rope and could not afford typical meds (Kept thinking of suicide). For the first time in a what seems like a long time, I have a bit of hope.

I know it is too soon to judge with my own situation but I am amazed at how good I feel. I feel like doing something fun for a change!

Just thought I'd share that bit of good news with everyone. I am ecstatic! We shall see...

Love, Michael B

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