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Posted by Mike B ( on July 21, 2001 at 02:25:59:

In Reply to: Redemption? posted by Dominic on July 20, 2001 at 17:15:21:

I will make one more attempt to speak with you civilly and that's as far as I go. This will be the last, albeit one-way, converstion I have with you. Period.

I never ever once, not even in the remotest way, even thought about you when I was writing that post. It had to do with a lack of tact and whole lot of other stuff on my part.

Sorry, pal but I was not apologizing to you (Except insofar as you are technically a part of this board for the moment). I was, if you wish to phrase it that way, asking for forgiveness from the other kind folks on this board, specifically those who have been so kind and helpful to me, for my rudeness to them all.

And no, I was not offering you up as a sacrifical lamb to God or anyone else as payment for my sins. I have a lot more class than that. I never sacrifice others for my mistakes. It's just bad policy as far as I am concerned. Unchristian, if you will.

And in answer to your question. No.

And I would not ever come to you for redemtion.

And as far as coming at you:

I was actually trying to say that if you got something to say about your CH's, or your problems, or your dog or just need some compassion for your suffering, or some advice for a tough call. I have time for stuff like that. Others may disagree because this is a CH board and they may wish us all to confine ourselves to strictly CH matters (Makes a bit of sense don't you think?). Also, apparently, you and your proselytistic posts are beginning to rub people the wrong way.

I do not have time to be converted. I do not wish to be converted and I do not need to be converted. I am a whole man with a strong faith in God and I do not need some knee-jerk sermonizer to try and disturb my personal faith. I've got enough problems in my life without adding another one.

Let's make this real simple. You can't make a dog a fish but if you could, you could make the dog a fish only once. After that, he's already a fish and you might as well leave him alone. You can't make a fish a fish. He already is a fish.

I am going to ask you, just this once, and politely, to lay off of the sermonizing, most especially at me.

No christian who is really a christian would carry on in such a non-christian manner. Are you a really a christian? If so, do the damn christian thing before I get really fucking pissed off buddy.

Now, go read your bible and relearn how to be a christian and leave me the hell alone.

Michael B

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