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Posted by Flash ( on July 31, 2001 at 03:25:47:

In Reply to: flash you are funny LOL nt posted by Ree on July 30, 2001 at 16:07:33:

Everyone else thinks I am for real. That's why I got banned from a motorcycle email list for telling them my dick was only 1" long. Scary thing is it's true. Wait - easiest thing is if I paste in a copy of what I sent them:


Hey I have a small dick. Do you have a problem with that?

My balls are fucking massive though. One of God's sick little jokes.

Most women I've been with confide in me that guys with small dicks try harder.
They say it's more akin to fucking a young Elvis, whereas guys with larger dicks
tend to fuck like a fat old walrus. They won't tell that to guys with bigger
dicks though because it would hurt their feelings and make them cry... worse
still the guy might actually make a half assed effort to fuck properly, and that
could turn out painful.


Flash - 4.5"L x 1.5"D

PS I bought a V Max partially because it makes dicks with big dicks feel

PPS I am from Scotland, and this is just my sense of humour. wrote:

> I'm no maven on looks as a general rule but if you think this new Hardley
> looks good then you have an even worse sense of taste than me. Frankly that's
> probably hard to do.
> My wife put it very well when she said it "looks like a bike that the little
> d..k syndromers would buy"
> Our local Australian Motorcycle News magazine, basically edited by a bunch of
> Mick Doohan wannabes, just did a huge spread on the new Volkswagen engined 16
> year late egg beater.
> For those all enthralled with this reactionary model my son is scanning the
> entire story and I'll post its location soon. Then you can go and drool at
> what our local limp d...s decided to glorify in this latest issue.
> All I can tell you is I can't wait to line up one of these toys at a set of
> lights with trusty Max. Most Hardley riders will be totally overwhelmed by
> the earth shattering power of this their new idol of holy worship.
> Great, my son just announced the URL to go to.
> Enjoy.
> Sam Blumenstein #795


Can you believe a bunch of bikers started sulking with me over that? LMAO. I bet I get banned from here too now. That would be a first. I'll have to go join Daniel's gang instead.


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