Just a personal opinion on this whole subject... (Long Post)

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Posted by Mike B ( on August 02, 2001 at 22:47:53:

In Reply to: Rebuttal to Paco's rant ... posted by Dave Emond on August 02, 2001 at 13:56:40:

Hi, (Sorry for length but you were warned)

I have followed these threads about this whole subject with some interest. Actually refrained from commenting before, because it seemed like it had settled out and any response I made would not be timely and the thread had stopped so to speak. It has settled out again. However, after having read everyone's responses and after having thought about it all some, I just wanted to say a couple things. Not trying to start a big hoorah, just my opinion...

I have been reading the entries in the guest book for a bit. I have noticed that the majority of people who have taken the time to make an entry have said things like "I am so relieved to find out that there are other people out there who understand what I am going through". There are many variations of this. Folks seem to tend to share some of their personal experience with CH's and talk about their pain a lot. Also, they are thankful that they found this site. Some comment on having read the posts of others and were glad they could come here and be understood and did not feel as alone anymore. It seems that I have read that quite a lot. That nobody should be alone with this pain. I felt almost exactly all of those things and more when I found this board. Thus my own entry. Made after reviewing the posts of all on the board at that time by the way. I have never 'posted' at all to any type of board before. An BTW, my posts are not particularily 'ego driven'. Usually I reckon. I just post what I think and feel. When I feel like it.

It seems to me that if all one expects people to post here is CH information. Info that is not duplicated and redundant. Info that is pertaining only to new/old methods of treatment or results of studies or whatever, then this will exclude almost everyone from making posts to this board.

I for one would love to hear about all the new/old treatments and their results and any other scientific data about CH's which would be helpful. Anything is worth looking at...

Now, about whining. Well, if one has never been able to talk to others about this thing we call CH or has nobody to talk to at all about it. The people on this board are just about the only ones they can turn to who may understand. I think one can see that it is quite therapeutic to be able to speak about it to others who can actually give you some feedback and tell you if this is normal or whatever it may be. Or just to be told that it is going to be ok, by someone who has been there, is invaluable. Anyway, some of us do not have the luxury (It is a goddamn luxury) of having medications to abort or otherwise treat our CH's. The only damn thing some of us have that is keeping us kind of sane in the face of this pain is the people who do bother to talk to us a bit when we are going crazy or when it is too much...

Hell, I could pontificate on this for a while.

Just trying to say, please don't quash the very thing which makes this board live and breathe and sing like a rare and wonderful bird to a CH'er (something like that anyway).

Got an important phone call from Cat. You guys are lucky. LOL! Just some thoughts.

Respectfully, Michael B

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