I must be a cluster jerk too !

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Posted by Dave Emond ( on August 05, 2001 at 02:40:06:

In Reply to: Jonny, I have a special message for you so please scroll down to Monica if you need help posted by Monica on August 04, 2001 at 22:03:55:

It's funny how jonny can tear someone a new asshole for any reason he chooses, but when he politely says "Here's a link" and "Good Luck" he's called a "Cluster Jerk"!
Well I'm one too then! I feel sorry for migraine sufferers as does everyone else on this board, now except for one! While you take your hot lavender oil bath to relax to get some sleep, you might do well to think of us who are afraid to even go to sleep! Or those of us who have to have a chair in the shower to catch us when we fall. Most of us, when we do sleep, it is sitting up, month after month after month!
We don't hug the toilet for comfort, we smash our heads against it!
And what struck my nerve as yours so sorryful was is your mention of our 1-2 hour headaches. Like that is all. Hmmmm... the rest of our day is pure joy! Yep, love what these experimental drugs are doing to us, everything from siezures to slurred speech, hand tremors, blurred vision, chest pains, dizziness, etc. Yeah, love that. And the neck pain and shadows as we wait for the next attack, and the next, and the next. Some days we get lucky and only have 2, but most days they can hit 6-8 times! Happy Happy Joy Joy ! At least it's not a migraine!
And I'm sure everytime you get a migraine your family has no idea what to do right? No one understands migraines right? They probably wonder if you need to be rushed to the hospital as they watch you beat yourself or slam your face to the floor or a wall? Yeah, no one probably knows what a migraine is. I'm glad though that you seem to have a grasp on our "1-2 hour headaches."
There are some who suffer both disorders, I sure hope one of them catches your remarks to jonny, because what you said to him, you said to all of us!
Try the link and Good Luck

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