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Posted by DaveH ( on August 05, 2001 at 23:26:58:

Well everyone I have not done this in a bit so please bare with me on this. I am not one to rant and rave very often without just cause so some of you may not agree with me and some will. Either way this is my opinion and my feelings and I want to be heard by the group not just one or two people.

First off is the childish bickering that goes on here. You can’t say this; you can’t say that. This is not OUCH so don’t put OUCH here, this was not oked by OUCH so you can’t post it here please do it via e-mail.

People I hate to burst your bubble but NO one and I do mean NO one has any right to tell anyone on this board what they can and cannot do. The ONLY person that can say anything to anyone is the person who set it up and pays for it and that is DJ. Until you know for a fact and have it in writing that it cannot be done, said, or posted in any other way please keep your thoughts to yourself. If there is a problem with it then the owner of this board is the only person who has any write what so ever to rebuke that person. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK CAN AND CANNOT BE DONE HERE. YOU DID NOT MAKE THE RULES!

Second: This is a direct quote from the welcome board. Take the time to read it.
This site is devoted completely and exclusively to those that suffer from Cluster Headaches!
There are a few other sites out there dealing with Cluster Headaches, but no real place to "interact" with other Cluster sufferers. There are a few message boards where you can read posts dealing with Cluster Headaches, but sorting through all the migraine, tension, and other headache posts to find the few about Clusters is enough to bring on a headache!
Never again will you have to search, hour upon hour, for information on Cluster Headaches! You now have a place to "hang out" that you can call our very own. You now have a place to "vent" when you wake up at 3 a.m. with a headache, the oxygen tank is empty, and you're out of Imitrex!
Finally...a place where you can talk to someone about how horrible your headaches are and know that they really do understand your pain.
Welcome to your new home on the internet!

Please show me in that text where is says anywhere that we are not to help each other in any way possible. Please point out the area that states that we can not do what ever it takes to make a fellow CHr who is suffering personally or has a family member in need feel better or help them is some way. This board is our link to each other and our link to some type of help whether it is a kind word, a card, a computer, or cash for meds, presents, or anything else that the group feels it wants to donate. This site has become a family and we all have our moments that we need to just tear into someone for something. That’s fine, but when that attitude gets in the way of helping another CHr or that CHr’s family, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG.
I am an easygoing person and I do not pop off about much. However, lately things have been petty on the message board and I had to speak up. One case was Rachel and the cookbook. There was no reason for anyone to jump all over her about anything. I do not care what you like or felt. This is an OUCH project and the message board is the best way to get to the most people. Apparently DJ did not have a problem with it at all as nothing was ever said to Rachel about this. She was never asked to stop by him. How many people can HONESTLY say that they spoke to DJ and he told them that he did not like what was going on? Didn’t think so. I made a post not long ago asking for parts and money for the helping hands project, did anyone say a thing about that? NO!! Not a word, what was the difference? Both are projects to bring clusterheads together, both are asking for help, both are related to OUCH in some fashion. Give me a reason; help me understand.

I have said my peace. Make of it what you will. If you have a complaint, E-mail me and lets deal with it one on one. I never run from something I say. If I am wrong bring something to back it up and I will make a public apology. Other wise we all need to grow up a little and realize that we are all here for the same thing. TO HELP EACH OTHER!
Dave Harlan
The life you touch today may be the life that saves yours tomorrow.

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