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Posted by hub ( on August 09, 2001 at 11:33:10:

In Reply to: Yessir! posted by Paco on August 09, 2001 at 10:54:18:

I grew up in a small town named Trafalgar. Trafalgar spell backwards is Raglafart. Our arch rivals from the town of Peoga (pronounced Pee-O'-gee) had a little cheer that they would chant at the basketball games. It went something like this,"You aren't cool and your aren't smart, Raglafart Raglafart"
There was a fellow from Trafalgar named Steve Bean. Steve was a big time stoner. As a matter of fact later on in life Steve was discharged from the Army because he had done so much LSD he could no longer correctly identify colors. Steve was also called Sheepbie, that had something to do with his fondess for certain livestock but we won't go there right now.
Now there is not much to do in small towns on Saturday night, so we would cruise the backroads drinking beer and smoking dope listening to "Deep Purple" and "Blue Oyster Cult" on our 8 tracks.
One particular Saturday night we decided to slide on over to Peoga and see if maybe we could find a little action. Any kind of action would do, whether it was girly action or a little fisticuffs. So, we drank up some courage and off we went Sheepbie, Jonny Doffer, Riggy Hix, and I.
I was the designated driver because I owned the car and the weed.
When we got to Peoga we went over to Mohrs store where all the kids hung out to see what was happening, you know que passa. We were all standing around the car flrting with some skirt when their boyfriends pulled up. I never knew that you could get that many big ol' smelly guys in a 64 impala but, they just kept piling out of that car. All 6 of 'em.
This one guy had a sawed off shotgun.. He didn't need it because he was a big SOB. They had us at bay. I began to water in my pants, or it may have been sweat I don't know. As we were bowing and scraping and sating our apologies, ol' Sheepbie had slipped around behind the guy with the gun and put a knife at his throat and took his gun!
He starts waving that gun around threatening to shoot the first 3 that stepped up.
As this was happening another fellow had slipped back to the Impala and got a pistol and we had a mexican standoff...there is an ending to this story and it is really good but I have run out of time and I figured it's done it's job anyway...

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