I agree with Richard, a littlr long, but worth reading

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Posted by Harold ( on August 09, 2001 at 11:35:34:

In Reply to: A minirant posted by Richard S on August 09, 2001 at 10:16:02:

I agree with you totally, Richard. and I am a big believer in dependance vs. addiction. In the case of a severly Painful chronic pain injury the part about dependance is that meds can give back a somewhat guality of life for without them we are reduced to lumps of bedriddened,tortured, screaming things of pain. addiction, in my view is the abuse of these drugs recreationally and getting caught in the snare.
lie I have read about you're shroom and LSD method of controlling CH's. if taken responsibly there is no harm.
I am not going to end up a heroin addict running around and also filling my brain with Methamphetamines just as you are not going to use recreational doses of shrooms, peyote butttons, and LSD and contemplate your hand and watch it melt away.
I am a member of O.U.C.H. because I suffer and do feel the pain of those that suffer as well.
Maybe we should work together with Chronic pan groups, becaue they are
ignoring us as well as the DEA coming after legitimate chronic pain sufferers. I thank you for hearing me. I take a different med to keep my CH's suppressed.
I am going to put a link on this letter. we could double our strength. and then if we yell loud enough, They will hear us.
Here is an old saying.
They took away the Catholics and I didn't say anything because I was not Catholic.
They took away the mormans and I said nothing, cause I was not Mormon.
The then tok away the Methodists, I said nothing cause I was not a Methodist,
then they took away the black people, I said nothing, cause I was not black.
then they tok away the asian descent people, and again I said nothing, cause I said "I am not Asian",
then they took aay the Jew and still I said nothing, cause I am not a jew.
then they came for me and i looked desperatly for help, but there was none. They had taken them all away.
Let's get together folks and get together before the DEA and the FDA take our releif and fredom away.
thank you for hearing me rant.
Here is a link for a chronic pain group. I we combine our strength as one and yell loud enough, they will hear us!
There are more groups as wel easily researched on your search engines.
I beleive they will support you heartily because you are in bad pain all the time too.
Thank you for listening to me. You are good people. but we need to double or triple our strength.

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