I want to share my Angel story for those who feel they have lost hope..............

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Posted by Cheryl ( on August 14, 2001 at 12:19:23:

Things have been really busy lately and I was of course told to stay of the internet as much as possible at work because the work load is so heavy. Donald had a huge fight with a friend and his brother and they called it quits as far as working together, so life had become somewhat taxing to say the least.

Caleb and I would get ready for bed each night and say our prayers. Each time when we say AMEN he claps his hands together loudly. (Very Cute). I never underestimate the power of prayer and how God does work. I used to of course want him to work my way and in my time. But, just remember "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK".

I really was needing my job since Donald was to say the least nonexistant or on the rocks..... Last Wednesday Donald got up and headed off to work before Caleb and I even lifted our heads off of the pillow. I got up and got dressed waiting until the last moment to get Caleb up.(Cuts down on the morning fussing time)....
Anyway, I sat down and went back to sleep (Of course knowing I couldn't or shouldn't be late to jeopardize my job) I was dreaming I can remember who I was dreaming about and all of a sudden someone shouted really loud "CHERYL" of course I woke up and no one there but Caleb (sleeping) and I.

Thinking I was lucky not thinking someone was taking care of me....

The next morning, Thursday up again and fell back asleep and dreaming again but I can't tell you what I was dreaming.. all of a sudden "CHERYL" so loud that I sat up and said WHAT!!!! No one there but Caleb (sleeping) and I.

That afternoon I told Donald I must have an Angel watching after me cause they are getting me up in time for work.

Friday Donald was my angel he called to make sure I was up.. On Friday night I fell asleep with Caleb on the couch but before I went to sleep I took my glasses off and laid them on the couch divider between the recliners as not to sleep in them. I woke up about 1:00am and went an got into bed with Donald. I noticed my glasses
sitting there but tired and sleepy went on to bed. At about 3:30 Caleb woke up calling me and I got up and was pouring him juicy and he said UH OH!!! I said What?? The lens had fallen out of my glasses and was no where around. I pulled the couch up on end laying it on it's back looking all over. I was just about to cry know we really
didn't have the money to be spending out and not knowing where the lens was. I had gone to Winn Dixie and done lots of stuff so I was imagining all kinds of things. I laid awake for some time thinking and logicing where the lens may have been if not in the house. I got back up got Calebs flashlight and shined all under the couch, felt everywhere
and raised the section one more time before falling in to bed in dispair. I laid my head on the couch and Caleb knew I was so upset he started rubbing my hair saying "Mommie it's going to be okay."

I thought to my self I am going to get up look and if it not there call right away to get it replaced.

Sleep finally comes.. When Donald got up for work I kissed him bye and laid back down thinking to my self the angels have been with me I am going to ask GOD to let his angels to work with me and just let me look over and see it. No big production just glance and find it!!!! Sleep comes again after my AMEN!

I woke up and was doing a few things around the house just dragging butt........ I laid in the floor playing and cuddling with Caleb and I started thinking of my lens. Kinda getting a little disappointed in myself that I wouldn't know when I lost it. I rolled over on the pillow and ....There it was under the couch where I had looked at lease twice last night.
I grabbed the lens saying "Thank you so very much!!!!!"

I hope you guys get some hope that all you have to do is ask!


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