I can't respond to every point here...

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Posted by Flash ( on August 16, 2001 at 04:34:15:

In Reply to: Right Now posted by Carl D on August 16, 2001 at 03:36:26:

Instead I'll deal with the main issues as best as I can.

Carl, I've been coming to this board advocating the use of hallucinogenics to treat CH for something like 3 years. That's all I've been doing. The people here know what I do for a living. That's about it. A couple know that I'm into motorcycles in a big way. Some know that I'm married. Most know that I used to be a recreational drug user. Some possibly know how old I am. Is anyone aware that I have a dog and a cat? Possibly. OK - the point of this is that I tend to keep myself pretty much to myself. In this instance I need to make an exception. Some people may stop talking to me as a result of this. They will probably think I'm weird. I'm doing this to offer you the best and only help that I can. It's powerful stuff, but even you might think I'm nuts.

Here goes nothing...

First off I'll deal with the obvious point that I'm sure most others will make.

1) HIV is no longer a death sentence. The chances are that they will find a cure within your lifetime. Very few people are dying from AIDS these days. The average life expectancy is now something like 15 years and climbing. You know I read in the paper 2 days ago that they have even found a treatmemt for CJD - something I never thought they would be able to treat. Anyhow, on the HIV issue I'm going to start by recommending a pretty corny book. Believe me this book looks a lot worse that it actually turns out when you read it. If it does nothing else it might give you some hope. It's called "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips.

Another thing I strongly urge you to do, is to learn self hypnosis. This takes a lot of practice. It's something you need to do every day. But it will help a lot. In my opinion it is more powerful than most orthodox medical treatments. In order to learn self hypnosis in a way that will be useful, you'll need to try and get hold of the following:

A book on self hynosis technique. This is easy to come by.
A book on neural linguistic programming. The subconcious only responds to positive suggestion. It does not understand negatives. So if you tell yourself "I'm going to live" - that's good. Tell yourself "I'm not going to die" - your sunconcious will interpret that as "I'm going to die". The subconcious lacks the ability to process logic. Duplicity is allowed in the subconcious.
Get hold of a book called "Open to Suggestion" by Robert Temple. This is the best concise collection of extracts from scientific papers on the use of medical hypnosis.
Failing that then get hold of anything by Professor Ernest Hilgard. This guy is part of the medical establishment and accepted as the No1 authority on hypnosis.

There is one last point I need to make on hypnosis before I get to the reallt weird stuff. It requires positive thought. Hypnosis provides a clear channel to your subconcious. The same effect can be reproduced by thinking about something a lot. Your subconcious is there to plan ways of getting what you appear to want. If you spend a lot of time thinking about bad things then your subconcious will find ways of making them happen. Therefore use hypnosis as a quick and effective way of impressing on your subconcious some positive thoughts. Use it to boost and target your immune system (this is proven to work) but afterwards it is important not to dwell on this, but keep a positive outlook and let your subconcious get on with the job. Do not think conflicting negatiove thoughts of you are FUCKED!

OK - I should also mention about the link between the brain and immune system. You need to look into research by a guy named Walter Bongartz of the University of Konstanz in Germany. This was done back in 1988. He took blood samples from people before during and after hypnosis. He found that during hypnosis the immune cell count drops to virtually nothing, but afterwards it comes back, often increasing over a subsequent period of time. Further experiments showed that the immune cells were clinging to the walls of the blood vessels where they roll along at 4% of their normal velocity. This appears to occur because the brain is releasing a chemical messanger that instructs the immune cells to do this.

Another researcher called Karen Olness carried out experiments on with controls on 57 school children. First she taught them about the immune system, so that they understood how it worked. Next she hypnotized them and told them to send immunoglobulin A into their saliva. A significant increase was observed. They were also able to increase the lytic activity of their killer cells, this effect lasted for hours afterwards.

Now you may have already decided that I am weird, but it's about to get a lot worse...

I am concerned by all the bad things happening to you and around you. There is too much smoke here for there not to be some sort of fire. Who have you pissed off really badly? My recommendation is that you locate a book by Donald Michael Kraig. Learn how to do the LBRP. That's a cryptic as I want to get on this subject. The book I have in mind is ISBN 0-87542-324-8. You may find a lot of stuff in there that suddenly clicks. Don't be freaked by the subject matter. This book objectively explains why people like me believe what we believe. I can only vouch for the positive aspects, they DO work. My whole life stands testiment to that. It sure looks to me like you are on the receiving end though. It's easy to take care of that.

I have to go to a meeting. I really don't want to get into deep discussion on this last issue on the board here. I posted this little bit to the board on the slim chance there is anyone else out there that's thinking what I'm thinking. If you want to get back to me (other than to be angry and call me a weirdo) then do it by email.


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