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Posted by Paco ( on August 18, 2001 at 20:35:36:

...(sometimes a dangerous thing) that some people here believe we should always be "nice," and not post unless we can offer prayers and words of encouragement. Why should this gathering be any different than other groups or families? Every group has its saints and sinners, and the thoughts of some are not going to sit well with others. So what? The only requirement for dancing with this bunch is to know from personal experience what a cluster attack does to a person. Face it: we are going to have saints and weasels and every other type of doowaddy posting, pleading for help, cursing anyone who comes near, praying non-stop for anyone at any time, and most so fucking glad this place exists, that they could no longer live without it. I think it's great when dumb fucks like Tony show up. He may be a clusterfuck, but he can forget about being on the receiving end of any of my prayers. I'm not discriminating; I don't pray. All this rambling is an attempt to smooth the ruffled feathers of people who need this board. Don't let the venom or the stupid fun that some of us enjoy chase you away. Most people here are in pain, the unique pain that only we know, and getting a red ass over some minor issue is not a rare event. So what? Live with it. Live with this disfunctional family because it's the only one you have. Whenever you feel that you can't take the pain any longer, send a donation to OUCH. That might do some good. I have grown to admire the spirit and character of the people who are here every day. I admire those who are here to do everything within their means to help other sufferers. I tolerate the "prayer meetings" because I know you idiots believe in that stuff. We are never going to have a family gathering that is free of controversy, so I guess we will have to learn to love the ones we hate. Those of you who are "Fucking New Guys" should read a few hundred posts from people like Jonny, Piper, BobP, Margi, Hubb, Todd, Elaine, Ueli, Ted, August, Charlie, Ken, Riccardo, Flash, PinkSharkMark, SailPappy, Ike, Nancy, and dozens of others before you tell them what assholes they are. But, as DOC says, the river flows, and whatever keeps you afloat...

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