cycle broken! unorthodox way to do it though

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Posted by anon ( on August 19, 2001 at 08:29:18:

I'm not gonna get into how this came about (okay I might but not likely) but suffice to say the result was just a wonderful and unexepected benefit.

for reasons totally unrelated to headaches or even any medical reason i had some saline injections done into fatty tissue. it was done for a couple of days. no more than 8cc's during each session.

it wasn't until some weeks after that that i noticed the 'wow wait a minute. i'm not having any fucking headaches. what's up with that?' i started thinking back and remembered the saline injections and was randomly thinking about how they burn like a lot of the *.* sodium headache drugs. i waited and watched so to speak.

then when like two months later i started into cycle again, at the first shadow i got a hold of my partner in unorthodox practices and told them i was going into cycle and then told them about my 2 + 2ing from the last time we had done those saline injections and how i had stayed out of cycle (which was out of my normal cycle - i should have been dancing) for so many weeks. my partner agreed to give it a try again.

so we did. just 5cc's once.

the shadows stayed with me until some time the next day but faded away.

i've been out of cycle for over a month now.

one thing maybe i should say is that i had also documented in my time with these fucking headaches that right before they hit i start craving 2 things. i had tried not eating those two things, eating just one and not the other, binging on one or both, eating only a little. i tried all possible combinations thinking that maybe those two things were somehow a trigger or something. it never helped. but what i want to say is that one of those two things was SALT. plain or iodized, didn't matter.

the saline solution that i have had injected has been a strong solution. i mean heavier on the salt than the amount that would be found in pharmaceutical saline purchased.

i don't know if this will help anyone else or not but it sure has helped me. i'm not going to recommend anyone go injecting themselves with home made sterile saline just because i have it done. always using a sterile needle and syringe of course. i'm not a doctor or a nurse or anything like that. but i am without a doubt a MUCH MUCH MUCH happier person with the cycle broken and without any CH in over three months total now. i haven't had any adverse effects from the injections either.

and this url might help some who are still confident in doctors. guess they are trying a new method with one drug. i came across this this morning. yea! morning! i can actually get up and greet the day these last few months. I can see the sunrise and not have to close the curtains to get it dark! I can actually sit at my computer and talk to people and drive my car the last three months and not worry when the next one is gonna hit!

anyway here's the url fit into the optional link url box thingie.

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