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Posted by Todd ( on August 24, 2001 at 10:32:41:

In Reply to: There IS a lot more here than meets the eye, Kelly posted by Margi on August 24, 2001 at 09:49:18:

Who said Dr. Kudrow or any other doc has based their opinion of these sites on this board?

MaryD said "I chatted with him about OUCH and and got a negative response."

Was that negative response based on Kudrow having visited either site? Was it based on his having read the MB? We have no idea. Perhaps he's one of the docs who summarily dismisses the Internet as a source of medical info. Perhaps he considers both and as threats to his own site and/or business. Who knows?

Most all of the posts on this subject have taken "our" viewpoint. Things like "docs should be able to see past or understand our frustration, anger, etc". This is flawed logic.

Example: Oldsmobile has spent the past decade telling consumers how wonderful their cars are and that THEY think we should buy them. Consumers said "No thanks". Result? The oldest auto brand in continuous production is dead after this model year. Sorry, Olds, your opinion doesn't count. It's the buyers opinion that matters.

Same thing here. If we want to reach the medical profession, it's irrelevant what we think about the sites and the mb. What is relevant is what the medical community thinks and trying to understand what we have to do to attract them to OUCH.

Personally, I see no value in doctors coming to the MB. This page is the place for clusterheads to discuss, debate, vent, complain, support, seek and offer help.

I see a lot of value in attracting medical professionals to OUCH. I suspect that part of the problem is success - - type cluster headaches or any of the other 'buzzwords' into a search engine and it's likely the majority of the hits you'll get will be posts on the MB. Click one of those hits and you'll come straight here (or to the archives). You won't go through the front door.

I'll reiterate an early sentiment. I believe our efforts should be directed toward attracting the medical community to the OUCH site. Bumper stickers, coffee mugs, t-shirts and the like should all have the .org address for just this reason. Sufferers will take the time at OUCH to find the link here. With docs we probably have less than 15 seconds to catch their attention and keep them looking around.


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