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Posted by Frank ( on August 25, 2001 at 19:35:13:

In Reply to: Don't try this guys...learned the hard way posted by Trudy on August 25, 2001 at 14:17:32:


Is your Mom or Dad having headaches that make them very upset? Do they sometimes yell at you to leave them alone when they are having a headache? Itís scary, isnít it. Sometimes, because theyíre in pain, they might even blame YOU for their headache!! Thatís not fair, (and itís certainly not true) but they are probably in so much pain that they donít realize what theyíre saying, sometimes. Itís kind of like they become someone else when theyíre having a headache. Someone scary.

There are a few things you should know about these headaches theyíre having. First of all, they are called cluster headaches. We donít know what causes them and we donít really know how to make them go away. But we DO know that these headaches arenít going to kill them. Each headache is usually called an attack and each attack is usually over within a couple of hours. That seems like a long time and itís very hard to watch your parent getting attacked when there isnít anything you can do to help. Sometimes, they can have many attacks in one day. One thing you CAN do, just by yourself, is to watch the clock and tell ourselves ďitís only going to be about 20 more minutesÖ..15 more minutesÖ10 more minutesĒ. Sometimes that really helps you get through it.

Sometimes, your mom or dad DOES really need to be alone when they have an attack. They probably donít want you to see them in so much pain. And thatís OK. Youíd probably be more of a help to them if you could let them have some privacy at those times. Maybe you can go into your room and draw them a nice picture or, write them a letter or make them something that they will like when theyíre not having so much pain.

Another thing you need to know is that youíre not the only person who has to watch their parents go through these headaches. There are lots of other people in the world that do too! And lots of kids that are just as scared and confused as you are, so please donít feel alone anymore.

If you need to talk to someone, just to tell someone that youíre scared or youíre mad or you need ideas on how to help, please press the HELP button. It will bring up an e-mail screen and you can just tell us whatís on your mind. We are the Family Services Team and we have lots of people here who understand what youíre going through. It may take a little while for us to get back to you, but itís usually pretty quick.

Sometimes even an e-mail>>>>>HUG<<<<< will help you to feel better. And, hey Ė maybe YOU can talk to another kid out there thatís just as scared as you are and maybe you can help THEM. You can be CLUSTERPALS and work together to get through it!!

And one last thing Ė there is a group of folks out here who are working all the time to find a cure for cluster headaches. And weíre not going to stop until we find one!!!

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