A brief (?) synopsis on hallucinogenic therapy

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Posted by anotheradvocateofshroomtherapy ( on August 26, 2001 at 14:14:56:

If you're savvy enough, you can figure out who I am, but I would request that you protect my anonymity for obvious reasons. I've had clusters, goin' on 24 years, and some years ran into others, but for the most part, I've been episodic, as long as I've had the proper diagnosis, and wasn't being treated for things like sinus headaches, delusional thinking, addiction, tooth problems, etc. In late october or november of last year, I started another typical cycle. THis lasted until February. I started taking prednisone and verapamil and the cluster abated.

In may, I tried to resume another drug, unrelated directly to clusters, but related directly to my seratonin levels, and another cycle commenced. WHile the severity of the headaches was not like it was in the winter of this past year, they were still causing problems, like any cycle would do.

I used to take alot of recreational drugs, so these alternative therapies had somewhat of an appeal to "the old me", but at the same time, I was a nay-sayer, in that I couldn't believe there was some legitimate use for hallucinogens. I'd bought into the "War on Drugs" propaganda for a number of years, now. One thing I did do, however, was keep an open mind and read, read, read. After seeing success story after success story come in regarding hallucinogenic treatment, I decided, "why not". All I have to lose is the pain.

Being a veteran from years back into these endeavors, I figured one more journey isn't going to push me over the edge, any more than the previous ones did, so I grew my own psilocybin mushrooms, and dosed a meager dose a week ago, friday. From the time I ordered my spores, to the time I dosed was approximately 8 weeks, and just to be sure of things, I dosed again, this time with a properly measured dose of approximately 4 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis.

The second dose may not have been necessary but the important fact is that while I was subject to nearly constant "shadows" prior to my first dosing, there have been none since.

Before you close your mind to hallucinogenic treatment, think about what you'd be willing to do for relief. It was pointed out to me by the one who's given me the most advice on this subject, that my first post on this board was against this sort of treatment... and, he was kind enough not to give me shit about it... Ironic, isn't it?

In all, it was not only a pleasant experience, but far cheaper than slamming imitrex injections into my arm a couple of times a day, on a regular basis.

I followed instructions, I detoxed from my other meds, I grew my own supply, I dosed the recommended dosage, and I received relief... 8 days so far. Sweet success!

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