Major change to headaches

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Posted by Mike chronic cluster head ( on September 02, 2001 at 23:58:40:

A little background. I was diagnosed as having chronic cluster headaches years ago. I get usually four to six clusters per day for about five years now. They are always the same, severe and in the same area, feels like a hot drill bit twisting behind my right eye. It really sux.

For the past several weeks I have gotten a new headache. It is severe stabing type pain but much more spread out in my head. And with it comes severe nausea and violent vomiting. I am also very dizzy with it. These headaches are constant and last several days and then completely go away.

The last set of the new headaches was triggered by a change in the weather when we had bad storms the past few days.

The time before that it was trigged by cigerette smoke.

These headaches are very hard to handle for me. I got used to the cluster headaches completely incapatating me and sometimes causing me to pass out. But these new headache with the neausea and vomitting are really bad.

I am going to see my doctor next week to see if it is something that needs furthur exploring like MRI,etc for brain tumor or something else.

Has anyone else ever experience a change like that in headaches?

I am back now to my normal cluster headaches.


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