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Posted by Georgia ( on September 06, 2001 at 22:26:24:

Trip posted this poem he wrote down the board a bit..perchance I am just feeling philosophical lately, but this really set my thoughts circling....maybe it is just rationalization on my part...but I love the thought that there is some purpose to this pain...some higher plan...some universal law.....some reason that we scream in agony every fucking day....yin and yang....watching that river flow from different sides...some way to help the other side see....the price of free even....just wondering what the rest of you thought.....and Trip, hope you aren't mad, you know I adore this poem and think you a wonderfully talented writer....

"Within the universal harmony
is the balance of pain and painfree
an obvious yin-yang symmetry
there can't be one with out the other
I must have a painfree brother
Surely dark knows of light,
yet my yang knows not
of my pain filled plight
Why do I know, but not you
of this battle
to keep the harmony true
Do the gods not notice
the balance is not fair
or do they know ,
and just don't care
Was there a contest , and I did not win.
or is it punishment,for some terrible sin?

There is no answer to the question of Why,
I am to suffer this pain until I die
The beast has chosen a special few,
bad luck for me , but good for you'
When you awake from a pain free night
never knowing the demons bite
remember,,there is a balancing act
a universal mathematical fact
you can't have one with out the other
It could be you
my painfree brother."


Peace and love,

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