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Posted by Flash ( on September 13, 2001 at 07:31:23:

This is the worst tragedy I have ever seen and my heart goes out to all those directly involved.

Usually I restrict my posts here to hallucinogenic treatment, but today I feel like talking about this instead. I may get flamed for some of the controversial points I'm about to make. So be it.

First off I believe that the entire world should declare total war on terrorism. And that all governments supporting terrorism should be removed. I believe that armed forces should be sent in to eradicate the terrorists. Full stop.

Now, I include all terroists in this - whatever their religion. I also include both the so called protestant and catholic terrorists in Northern Ireland. I note that a significant portion of the funding for the IRA has come from New York. I hope that everyone in every country now appreciates that all terrorists are evil, no matter what their alleged religion or conviction. All terrorists must be eradicated from this earth.

More controversially I must point out that virtually all terrorist activity and virtually all wars stem from religion (however misplaced). There is not one religion on this planet that can prove it's existence potatoes shaped like Jesus' penis notwithstanding. I fully advocate that religion should be abandoned.

My own conviction is in the only thing akin to religion that can easily prove it's own existence - magick. If you have no real knowledge of magick then don't be misled by your own misconceptions and false statements by the mass media etc.

An interesting aside - the 16th card of the Major Arcana is the only card in the Tarot Deck said to relate to a material event. Please note this must be a standard 78 card deck such as the Rider-Waite deck etc (commonly available in most bookstores). By material event it means a real event that occured sometime in the past, present, or future. This card signifies disaster or ruin, followed by necessary change for the better. The card is called 'The Tower'. It often depicts a tower that had been struck near the top by lightning, and has caught fire. People are depicted jumping/falling out of the tower. What happened 2 days ago is that among the largest tower(s) in the world were struck by something akin to the lightning (they didn't know about jumbo jets a few hundred years ago). If I was going to depict a real even for a card signifying ruin or distaster and then necessary change for the better then this is the even that I would have chosen.

I believe that this terrible event is already being followed by a change in the worlds perception of terrorism. I hope that this change will be lasting and for the better. Terrorism may have inadvertantly pointed out what should have been obvious - that there is no place for it on this earth.


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