Another Shroom Story...and a note to Bob P.

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Posted by Shelley ( on September 14, 2001 at 20:47:31:

55 year old white male. Episodic for 20+ years. Last cycle ended 1998. Current
cycle began 7/23/01. Lithium, Varapamil, and imitrex injections were drugs of
choice. All the homeopathic stuff tried over the years.

First, I must thank this board for showing us this alternative
and I especially thank Pinky, Flash, Margie and Chuck for
their advice and support.

I won't go into a lot of details about the experience..there's
plenty of old posts to read and advice from people more experienced
than we. But, I'll tell you about a few specifics.

2 gr. seemed to be the normal CH dose. We made the tea and
my husband downed it. Instead of the two beers feeling he
had what Pinky said was a solid trip 3. Holy Moly! He vowed
to kill me as soon as the cabinets stopped breathing. That
was 8/26.

As soon as it wore off, he had a HA. Then another. Shit!
But wait; they're different. They've moved to his forehead
and are much less intense. The number per day gradually
increased. Redose with 1 gr on 9/1/01. Still more of
an experience than he wanted.

Headaches continue. Still lessened intensity, still in
the forehead. No meds since he detoxed b4 the first dose.

Redose on 9/6 with .5 gr. Ahh, that's better. More like
the mild effect that we expected the first time.

A short sharp twinge at 02:00 9/8/01. Then nothing...nothing.

So, you see Bob, not everyone has the mystical, one dose
experience. Obviously, he's quite sensitive to the chemical,
yet he had to redose to achieve results. Why? Beats me.

Does he like it? No way. Will he do it again? Oh yeah....

Since we're doing our own research here...please, please follow
Pinky's and Flash's instructions about brewing the tea,
quick injestion, empty stomach and MAOIs. If you don't you're
introducing a lot of variables that may affect the results.

However, if you're like us, and have never done this
recreationally, you may want to set a timer for 30 mins
to make sure that the experience is not more than you bargain

I swore that this wasn't going to be long...sorry.

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