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Posted by Flash ( on September 15, 2001 at 18:44:44:

It was back on the 28th of July 1998 that I first posted to this board that hallucinogens, namely LSD and 'magic mushrooms' containing Psilocybin, were extremely effective against CH. I first used this treatment (inadvertantly) back in January 1993.

Back then I remember that I struggled for months tp convince people that this was for real. Then slowly some people who had used those substances recreationally replied saying how they never realised till my post but use of hallucinogens coincided with absence of CH. Then people started to try it, slowly at first. Then over time more people. Now the thing has taken on a life of it's own. Hallucinogens have become part of the CH subculture. My guess is that hallucinogens and CH are becoming inexorably (however it's spelt) linked.

It's amazing.

Now we have several posts from people using this treatment every week. Lately it's gone crazy.

Fuck me! Hah hah. Don't worry I'm not going to turn round and say 'April Fool'. It's just that for a long time I felt I was the only non deluded person in an assylum full of snake oil salesmen.

Anyhow - here's my first post. I just referenced it to get the date off it, but what the fuck I'll paste the whole thing - oh back then I used my real name. Gee - isn't it funny how reading old posts and emails you find it hard to believe it was really you that typed them :)

Posted by Craig on July 28, 1998 at 11:51:59:

In Reply to: Wheel of Anguish, Killer of Sleep posted by George O. Jacox on July 23, 1998 at 16:42:10:

Hi George,

I think that chemical imbalance is highly probable.
The drug amytriptylene (did I spell that right?) is
an antidepressant, yet it works on both migraine and
CH... bad news is it takes two weeks to kick in!

Why does this drug work. One things for sure I left
two clusters (March 95 and Jan 98) feeling on top of
the world!

I have been experimenting using small doses of LSD
to prevent the entire cluster. So far this is the
most effective treatment I've tried. Why does it
work? Scientists were wondering exactly the same
thing in the 50's, but because of like people
like Timothy Leary abusing the drug all research
was curtailed.

Most CH drugs target the headaches themselves opposed
to the actual cluster. They either work as preventative
or abortive medication.

Amitriptylene seems to target the cluster and act
as an abortive medication. It is important to
start taking it very early on though, usually along
with a beta blocker to eliminate the least desirable
side effect - irregular heartbeat.

Low doses of LSD (in my experience) prevent the
entire episode. I haven't tried using it as an
abortive treatment - I'd be too scared too - but
taken even months prior to an expected cluster and
the attack never materializes. I'd like to see
proper clinical trials on this. Even in low doses
LSD can be unpleasant and I can't see it used
outside of an overnight stay in hospital unless
it was combined with a sedative.

Like you I try to avoid the serious medications, I
don't fancy scar tissue growing on my heart and lungs....
On the doctors advice I avoid taking any anagelsic
medication as they are now believed to increase
the number and severity of headaches.

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