I have to address something here, in response to Elizabeths posting

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Posted by Carl D ( on September 24, 2001 at 05:02:37:

Elizabeth says she can have up to 20 CH's in a day. While I will disagree with the functionability during a kip 8 (I can't even stand to look at anything at that point), I do have to say that - yes, it is quite possible for someone to have an extreme amount of attacks in one day. I have a good reason to defend this.

I have seen times in the not-so-distant past where I actually couldn't tell you how many attacks I had in a 24 hour period. I might go an hour between attacks, maybe only 15 minutes. If a person has, lets just say, attacks lasting about a 1/2 hur to 45 minutes each, then they might only get anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour in between attacks. Yes folks, this is possible in a worst case scenario. I think I have clocked 14 or 15 in a 24 hour period, and that was when I was begging God to kill me. Do you know why he has not? Because he hates me, thats why. I will outlive everyone I know, but die of everything very very slowly.

This is my arrogant opinion:

We all know what a Cluster Headache is. What we DO NOT know is the severity of which one person to another has them. Some are episodic. Some only experience as high as a kip 5 or 6. Some have full blown 10's every time. Some of us are chronic, and cherish the few days we are attack free. The one thing I do know is this: All of us are in pain. Some might go through more than others. I remember the overwhelming blessing of finding this site back in March of 1999, as I had finally found people who knew what I am dealing with. Then after some bashings as to my whining, I began to question whether anyone here really knew or understood what I deal with. What I have come to find is that, I have it way worse than some, but not as bad as others.

Remember, what might be just a fleshwound to one person, might actually be amputation to another.
If anyone disagrees with me, beautiful. That is the wonderful thing about America. We are entitled to our own opinion, and if it differs from someone else's, then so fucking what! We have the right to be wrong sometimes, or to agree to disagree. Right now, my tooth hurts worse than someone elses hangnail. Lets not, as Den might say, fling shit like monkeys at each other, but instead - lets just see what we might be able to learn from someone else through thier experiences.

Peace, love and respect,
Carl Daniels

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