shrooms once more :) ( and a tea recipe )

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Posted by Henk ( on September 28, 2001 at 15:35:28:

Yet another mushroom update....

The past 2 months have been my best since I first met the beast. ( chronic for 6 years ) I'm back at my job and I love it!
I sleep without attacks 9 out of 10 nights. This used to be the other way around, even in "good" times. And when I have an 'attack' it's just a shadow. No more real pain since the start of the halucinogenic treatment.....

I take some tea every 14 days now, that's when I feel that the beast is coming back.

I've build an electronic climate control and have
setup some things in the cellar to grow my own.
It's cheaper in the long run, fun to do and it combines a couple of hobbies ( electronics, growing things and cooking: first jars are colonizing.)

Here's another way to make tea :)

Every piece of info on psylocibine says that it's destroyed by heat. So making tea with hot water no longer seemed a good idea.

Chop up your dried mushrooms till a fine powder.
Put it in a small glass with a little water ( 1/2 cup ).

Here's the trick.... Use a storage jar with a vacuum pump. ( Europes brandname: Vacu-vin. Originally these were rubber plugs with a small manual pump. You would put the plug on a half emptied bottle of wine and then suck the air out ) They also started to sell jars so you can use the same system to store other things in vacuum.

Put the glass in the jar, put the lid on, insert the plug and suck out the air. Let air back in. Suck it out again. Repeat this 10 times. What this does is squeezing water in/out the shrooms, thus solving the ingredients. Without heat.

Then drink your tea. ( I empty it in 1 go as I *hate* the taste of it...... )

If you do not have such a jar, you can pull the same trick using a large syringe. Put powder in the syringe, put the plunger in, suck up water till half full. ( don't fill it all the way!! ) Now hold it upside down and squeeze out all the air that's left in. Close syringe with your finger and pull the plunger. Release plunger, squeeze out all air that might have gathered in the top and pull the plunger again...

I read that putting some acidity in the water might help solving psilo. ( adding some lemon juice should do )
I didn't notice a difference when I tried......

PFDAN's to you all,


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