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Posted by Emily ( on October 03, 2001 at 10:17:09:

I hope this message does not offend anyone on this board. I feel very close to all of you and have the utmost respect for what you experience with these painful attacks. I never heard of cluster headaches before last Sunday, but all that has changed. For the last few years I have been taking shamanic journeys with high doses of psilocybin about twice a year, and Sunday I had planned to take my fall journey with 5 grams of dried cubensis mushroom that had been found by a friend in a local field. Sunday morning I was reading a site about psilocybin mushrooms and saw cluster headaches mentioned as something that could possibly be treated medically by psilocybin mushrooms, so I did a yahoo search for cluster headaches and ended up here at clusterheadaches.com. Needless to say I was floored by the information I read, unbelieving that there are so many of you out there that are fighting this monster.

I took the mushrooms around noon, and for those who arent familiar with psilocybin, 5 grams of young dried mushrooms is a very high dose. As the experience overcame me my thoughts centered around cluster headaches and I was pulled into the world of the 'clusterhead'. I cannot emphasize the empathy that psilocybin commands, but this was magnified intensely as I came into contact with a huge geometrical tiger who leapt at me and sank his teeth into my skull. I felt all the pain of a cluster headache instantly. I dont know how to describe this besides that I was utterly terrified and thought I was dying. I was clawing at my head and shaking it back and forth, at the same time overcome by the visions of the mushrooms and the information coming through clearly that I was meant to have this experience for a reason. The entire experience seemed to last forever, but in reality lasted about two minutes from onset to complete recovery. I cannot comprehend anyone suffering this pain for five minutes, much less five times a day for an hour at a time. I am a pathetic coward and I spent the next hour crying like a baby, even after the pain had left me.

I am not sure why the gods felt it necessary for me to experience the pain of a cluster headache, but it has changed me forever. I feel the need to somehow offer support and spread the understanding of cluster headaches to the world. I dont know where to begin, but my thoughts for the last three days have barely swayed from the intensity of this pain and the compassion I feel for sufferers and their families. I need to know how I can help.

I have felt for many years that the legal status of psilocybin mushrooms in America is blasphemy. There is a healing spirit in these mushrooms that is as old as this planet, a divine gift. It was made very clear to me sunday through this ancient knowledge that the mushrooms possess, that cluster headaches are triggered by kundalini energy attempting to release. Apparently the psilocybin can channel the kundalini into proper release. When the cluster headaches are overcome for good, incredible reward awaits, physically and spiritually. I know all of this sounds crazy, but this is information I was receiving during my experience and I need to share it. Psilocybin should be available to all those with cluster headaches, on a regular basis, to allow the proper direction of this awesome energy that is seeking to enlighten. I am willing to fight politically for this right in any way that I can. When kundalini is released improperly, all kinds of negative physical side effects will occur. The fact that yours are so intense and occuring in the head are a sign that you are far along on the path to this enlightenment. Do a search for 'kundalini release' and keep an open mind. And please contact me and let me know how I can help.

All my love and respect,


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