Psycobin and DMT, almost the same, Could DMT cause Clusterheadaches?

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Posted by Jon ( on October 07, 2001 at 11:40:44:

I have read on this messageboard that psycobin found in "magic mushrooms" can "cure" or really help people suffering from this disease. I would like to ask if there has been any studies done on the amount of DMT or Maoi's found in the body of suffers compared to none suffers. You see your brain naturally produces DMT, and it is a very powerful pyschoactive, and its role in the brain functions is unknown. Smoking, injecting, or snorting a small amount of DMT 20 mg will result in a short VERY POWERFUL trip. but eating DMT will do nothing, unless an Maoi inhibiter is added. Moai inhibiters stop moai's from breaking down psychoactives like Pyscobin, DMT, LSD.
Now to get to the point. DMT chemically is almost the same as Psycobin. In fact they only differ by one oxygen atom. I know even though DMT is the only hallucinogen your brain produces there have been few studies on it. I want to know if there have been any studies between DMT and clusterheadaches. I could be possible that the brains failure to produce DMT plays a part in clusterheadaches, or that the serotonin storms cause the brain to produces too many Maoi's to breakdown the serotonin.
I just find it very intresting how insanely close DMT and psycobin are chemically

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