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Posted by Emily ( on October 08, 2001 at 19:49:41:

In Reply to: THANK YOU, EMILY! Yes, definite possibilities here! posted by pinksharkmark on October 08, 2001 at 16:40:52:

5meodmt is not smoked, it is vaporized. And being that such a small amount is used, it barely even reaches the lungs. It can be vaporized easily using a piece of aluminum foil made into a 'bowl', a lighter, and a hollow piece of plastic (disassembled pen works great) to suck in the vapor.

If anyone does decide to purchase some 5meodmt, since it usually must be purchased in amounts of at least 250 mg, one person could distribute their stash to 20-50 people and give them an ample supply to experiment with (dosage would be 1-2 mg). This way we could have input from several users at once and come to some conclusions more quickly.

I am VERY interested in the results. I have been part of the fight to legalize tryptamines for several years now. I hope you dont mind me hanging out with you for the long haul, not only because I feel so inspired by your plight and your fighting spirit, but also because this is something that could make major strides in the (at least medical)legalization of tryptamines in the United States. There is not doubt in my mind that the spirit of the mushrooms is in itself a healing one, this to me has always been somewhat of an 'otherworldly' thing, but I am excited to find that the actual 5HT activity of psilocybin and possibly DMT could have an important medical role in the cure for CH.

Please email me anytime you have any questions regarding psychedelics so I can try to help in any way I can. I also hope anyone who obtains 5meodmt will contact me before the first use for some advice.

And PLEASE contact me before attempting a recreational dose of DXM for any reason. I learned this one the hard way and have more advice to share than you will probably want to hear. Be careful with DXM and DMT, I cant emphasize it enough.

As for LSA, I would classify it as a complete mindfuck compared to LSD. Very confusing and disorienting, while LSD is more linear and comforting. There is also a much higher danger of ergotism and vasoconstriction with LSA, which I'm sure you are all familiar with. If you want a legal alternative, look into 5meodmt, AMT (alphamethyltryptamine) and 5meo-dipt (which is kind of like an acid/mdma mix, but also a tryptamine with similar structure to DMT). Information on all of these can be found at and can be purchased at the link I gave in my initial post.

Good luck and PLEASE keep in touch!!


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