Oh Bob, please...

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Posted by Paul Logue ( on October 16, 2001 at 20:19:22:

In Reply to: What an Idiot posted by UB on October 16, 2001 at 13:24:27:

For one, would you please type a coherent post that makes sense. I have downed so much booze in the last several days it would drop three men yet I still have the cognesence, I think, to communicate to you. As far as Sue's drug addiction, Well Bob, who the hell purchaced the shit. Sue gave all her money that she earned. You went out and bought dope with it. At this same time you brought upon Sue a law suit wanting more money for "Chance". Ya care about your kid? I do. Now as far as my drinking... Bob, I have maintained my job for the last 20 years, I get up at 4:30 am every day, drive 1 hour to my job do my stuff and drive home to do the chores around the house. I have a home, land, money and a life. In the last 20 years, what the hell have you got to show for your time? A law suit against a woman that you beat the crap out of because you can't make end's meet. You grub you'r way through life expecting things to come to you. Your own brother won't help you out. Ya even had the balls to ask for an inheritance from you'r own mother at her death bed. The money was pissed away. Now you want more.

Now, as far as threats... Ya want to hear the phone messages that you left on my answering machine? Do you even remember that you left them because you were so frigging drunk? You are in the process of digging a very deep grave for your self. I have the tapes, I got the money, and I do have the drive.

You think that I took Sue away from you. Sorry Bob, you beat her up and tossed her out. If you think that I had some plan to have Sue up here, well, I would have done the same thing for many people on this board. If, on May 1 , 2000, Jonny, Elain, DJ, Drummer, Margie, Sailpappy, Riccardo, JD, Piper, Todd, Paco, Bob, LC Bob, Carl D. and the rest of the members of CH.com asked for my help, do you think I would not have done for them what I did for Sue? You are trying to screw around with a cluster head. Not a good idea.

Now, I believe that I asked you a direct question in my previous post. You have not given me an answer. I have not threatened you Bob. I have made you a promise. Lets go dude. You either answer my question in a gentalmen way or you can get you'r scrawny, bald headed ass up here and do it face to face. Up to you.

To the rest of the members of this board I, again, appologise. Mr. Pool has been given all ways to contact me yet he has chosen this medium to express his frustrations.

Bob, do your self a favor and sit down put a pen to a piece of paper and clearly state to me what it is that you want. OK?

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