Do we have any Afgan CH sufferers here?..Kinda long

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Posted by Tony G on October 18, 2001 at 15:22:25:

If so, I want you yo know that this campain is not directed at the Afgan people...This campain is directed at you taliban leadership which like saddam hussain uses its own people to devolop weapons designed to do nothing but kill non combatants. I don't understand how these so called leaders of Islam say that they follow the karan, and yet they kill publicly just to keep the people of Islam from rising up to follow the Islamic religion the way it was written....The people of Afganistan need to rise up and get rid of these "DICTATORS" They eat very well, when the rest of the country starve. "STAND UP" and fight for your right to live a peasefull life on this earth. I have no doubt in my mind that Iraq is resposible for the anthrax deployed here in the U.S! Heres my opinion..Once the Taliban are dealt with, the next stop will be going back to Iraq and finishing what should have been done in 91. Then there is Iran and from the breifings I was involved in they will also have to be dealt with and will be soon! Theres just no way around it...Anthrax is not something most Americans need to worry about, Don't go buy gas masks and chemical suits because by the time you know that you have been exposed "ITS TO LATE" so again its a waste of your money...In Ranger school, we were taught that by the time you suit up and dawn your mask its already to late! Alittle insight, Mustard gas and Small Pox is much more of a threat than Anthrax will ever be. The problem is that these Islamic nations don't have the capabilities to deliver them "YET" Thats why it is so important to knock the shit out of them before they can develop ways to deliver them. WE ARE AMERICANS and nobody can be allowed to intimidate us......I wish we could develop a clusterheadache weapon to send over to these dictators and trust me, Fighting is the last thing they'll want.."OH" and gas masks wont stop CHs either. I'm sick of our troops being world police call. If these fucks continue to use Bio and chemical weapons then its my opinion to slam dunk them with a nuke!!! Just my opinion......PF to the rest of my clusterbuds...Tony

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