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Posted by DaveH on October 23, 2001 at 12:56:33:

Well all I am back home. This means my house and here. I want to start off by sending out the biggest hug I could give to a very special lady. JAYNE. THANK YOU!!!Jayne, thank you for the good time, the care and love, and the support. Will, Thank you as well for being there with me. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with as it was my first time in the open and fighting the beast. With your help we squashed him. To everyone else that was there thank you as well.Now for the Meeting itself. I am extreamly excited that I was able to attend and meet everyone but more so I am greatful for the chance to talk about this with others and come out with so much more then I went down with. Jonny, bro, your a wonderful person and I was very happy to get the chance to meet ya. Dude we are going to hook up and fish.Pipper, it was my honor to meet such a beautiful woman and a caring person. Jonny is a very lucky man. Will, you have a large heart and a very special nature. I am lucky to have you as a friend.Karen, you are a wonderful woman and have a very large heart as well. Your careing and inteligence make Will a very, very lucky man and this group even luckier. We can learn allot from you.Then there was Don and Kenth and if I forgot anyone else i am sorry I'm not the greatest at remember names. But Meeting everyone was great.I am now with a neuro and he knows clusters and has enforced my GP diag. of me having a combo migraine cluster headaches. I saw him today and he is going to fight with my insurance to get me O2 and help get me a life back. My verap has been uped to 480mg per day and I now have O2 in the house and one in my car thanks to him. He has also decided that I should not be taking the imitrex for the clusters but only the migraines at this time and he is hoping that by using the imitrex to control the migraines we can start controling the clusters as well. I will go see him again in one month. At that point he is talking about non pharmacuital (SP?) treatments for the clustes so I am not limited to dosages like only two in 12 hours like you are with imitrex. WE WILL SEE HOW THINGS GO.Life, Well now that this is going to be my life as it is yours I will be here more often as I was before. I have not changes and I'll still go off from time to time but like the rest of you I'm here to fight the beast not all of you. I'll stand by your side and I'll do all I can to help. Sorry I have been away so long.LETS KICK ASS!!!!

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