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Posted by MikeB on October 24, 2001 at 03:10:09:

Ok. Do not blame them too much (LOL) but a kind individual took the time to write to me and enquire after my well being... It was very appreciated. Thank you! So, I have made this somewhat confused effort to raise my head up out of the dirt of my life and kind of look around again. I know it has been a long time since I have been on the board. Not trying to be rude or anything. I have just kind of been overwhelmed by things happening in my personal life... I could write quite a sob story I am sure... Nah, I like you guys too much to lay that on ya. :) So, CH's. Man, I wish there was some way to get rid of this bastard. I have not really been rid of the beast for months and months now. I cannot even remember when. Since before I first started posting on the CH board. Before, I was always, uh, cannot remember the word, (damn) cyclical? Ah, well. Not chronic anyway. As in a few months on then gone for maybe a year or two. Now, it is not going away entirely. I still have them quite a bit. Just kind of pops up whenever it wants to. So, does this mean that I am a chronic sufferer now or what? Hell if I know.I have not been suffering as bad as I was when I was on the board before. It is weird (to me) though because they still will not seem to go away completely. I get so used to having these headaches I kind of forget about them (How is that possible? It's not) What I mean is I have got so used to trying to ignore them that I really do not notice that I am having symptoms of it until it is like Wham! I am all the time noticing that my nose is running and I am getting the facial pain and the stabbing behind the eye and all that. Sometimes pretty bad. But then it is not like it normally was during a full on cycle. I guess I don't know how to express what I am thinking. It's like it never really goes away. I think it is affecting me much more than I realize. Maybe one gets used to having so much pain of various kinds in the body that one kind of gets numb to it. Unless it really turns it on, otherwise it's just like, oh, ok. Some more pain. Sigh. Thanks. Keep going about your business as best you can. I don't know, I just try to ignore it. LOL. I don't know. I got so much crap going on. Out of work for a month. Break-ups. Trying to keep a roof and vehicle and all that. A bunch of mundane things like that. Life. LMAOFF. I am just very very very tired of having damn CH's. And just plain out tired of a lot of stuff. Ah well. Well, anyway. Just venting a bit I reckon. Sorry. I read some posts and as always, my heart goes out to you folks. I wish there was something I could do for you all. Well, I will make some prayers...I hope you all have a good night out there... Wishing some PFT to you all... Be good. Be well. And be happy!Love, MikeB

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