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Posted by Eric Howell on October 25, 2001 at 21:19:26:

Read through. you need to know this.

I havenít stopped by this website since last year when these MFíers kicked in. This is my ten year anniversary for dealing with these bastards. I still get them just as frequently, but they donít really bother me as much any more. You have to know how to A) Get rid of individual headaches and B)keep a positive attitude about the whole thing (With drugs of course (codeine was made for CHís)) I took the time to write this after just getting rid of a headache in 10 minutes. I gave up on the medical community years ago after they fucked up my stomach with prednisone. (Iím sorry about the profanity, but how else is there to properly describe these bastards, except for the Beast which made me laugh. what an understatement, how about hell?)
I stop by this website when the @%#$ís kick in to see if there is any real progress in treating the @%#$ís. Of course there isnít. So I figured Iíd help you all out in dealing with the. Like I said, they donít really bother me as much any more. I used to get very suicidal with these things. First Off;
A) Getting rid of individual headaches is easy. Being a chemist Iíve tried everything and this works. The trick is catching them right when they start for best results. at least within 10 minutes of the first twinge. (You need to train yourself to wake up at night when you feel one coming on. Itís as simple as outloud telling yourself that you are going to wake up when you feel a headache start before you go to bed.) DO NOT AT ANY TIME TAKE SLEEPING PILLS. THEY WILL CAUSE HEADACHES AS WELL AS MAKE THEM MUCH WORSE!!! We get these headache pills in our medicine box at work that kick ass on these headaches. they kick in very quickly. They are called PainAid from Zee Medical. They are Aspirin 162mg, Salicylamide 152mg, Acetominophen 110mg, and Caffine 32.4mg. They come two to a packet. I take four of them the minute I feel a headache kick in. (PS First thing, when dealing with @%#$ís, fuk the recommended dosages.) These little orange pills are great. If you take them soon enough. they kick in before the cranial swelling does and can stop the headache. (less than 25 minutes) CARRY THEM WITH YOU!! Even better than those pills are those pills with OXYGEN. Donít bother wasting the O2 with a mask and constant flow. The best method I have found is if you have an oxygen regulator from an oxy/acetylene torch setup. Go to your local hardware store and rig up a ball valve and hose to connect to that. (the oxygen, not the acetylene!!) The best deal is that you can use welding grade oxygen (WHICH IS JUST AS PURE AS MEDICAL GRADE, it has to be or there will be all kinds of bad reactions in the tank. BEING A CHEMIST I KNOW THESE THINGS) Itís allot cheaper too. Once youíve figured out a delivery method. Exhale completely, and fill, not totally, your lungs with 100% oxygen. hold it in for 15 to 20 seconds. exhale and take a couple of normal breaths of air. REPEAT . On your third or fourth hit of oxygen. plug your nose with your fingers and close your mouth. at the same time try to force an exhale while keeping the oxygen in your lungs. Kindof like adjusting your ear pressure when scuba diving or diving deep under water. Repeat either of these and the headache WILL be gone by the tenth hit most of the time (95% plus).
B) Dealing with these headaches mentally is a whole different issue. Like I mentioned earlier. these headaches can really take a mental toll on you, to the point of suicide. Iím actually surprised I didnít blow my brains out before I hit my five year anniversary. That was before I learned the above tricks. I have a doctor that Iíve been dealing with since the inception of these headaches. He is nice enough to prescribe Tylenol 3, 60 this time. They are excellent pain killers in several ways. they really kick a @%#$ís ass at the same time as they make everything seem good. When the @%#$ís start to get you depressed, take two tylenol 3ís and two of the pain aids mentioned above (at the onset) and instead of being pissed at the headache, your saying ďGroovyĒ about the headache you just got rid of. Yeah, oxygen still.
While were on the mindset topic. While I was in college, I found that drinking till you get a killer hangover will keep the headaches away for up to 3 days. That may be another way to deal with them. Except when you start drinking, have the oxygen right there, by the third drink, you will have a headache. But the oxygen, if used right will kill it.
I have also found that ephedrine HCl, 25mg twice per day or more will keep the headaches away the first time you try it. It helps make them less frequent also.

PS- I donít know if smoking Crystally Green Pot about once a day has anything to do with this treatment?? But it should work without it :-)~

I really do hope this helps. Donít let any money hungry doctors knife you. TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

Eric :-)~

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